Escapology Covington – Fun for the Whole Family

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Escapology Covington. That said, we LOVE bringing options for family fun to our audience! 

Escapology Covington – Fun for the Whole Family

Escapology Covington - Fun for the Whole FamilyWe visited Escapology Covington last weekend and brought along some friends to enjoy the fun! Located conveniently off of Interstate 12 in Covington (near Academy Sports), Escapology Covington is a short drive from Mandeville and also very accessible from the Southshore.

In our party we had children ranging from 3-10 years old with us (because our teens weren’t able to join us). All the adults and the younger kids had a great time –  as it turns out, escape rooms are not just for teens! Thankfully, we talked to the staff about our age groups and they pointed us in the right direction of an age-appropriate Escape Room. My husband even commented that it would be a great activity to invite a few couples to do a grown-up night out! We really got a kick out of the entire process.

The Biggest Surprise At Escapology Covington 

We thought that the adults would be guiding the kids through the escape room clues. Surprisingly, the kids were much better at solving the clues than we were! With each open trap door or numeric clue, they sprung into action and searched the room for the next hidden message. We got out with minutes to spare! We were all really impressed with ourselves, and also very thankful for the three “hints” that you’re allowed to request! All of the mechanisms in the room, trap doors, video footage, and integration of clues was so cool to witness. The technology is pretty top-notch for a game like this, and we were all really impressed. We kept shouting, “How is it doing that?!”

Games For All At Escapology Covington 

There are five escape room options: 7 Deadly Sins, Vegas Hangover, Lost City, Mansion Murder, and Budapest Express. We opted for Budapest Express which was set in a European train car and asked you to solve a clue-like mystery of who murdered a character on the train and how! It was quite authentic, and the scene was really well-done. The kids loved it, and ultimately, they were the ones who got us out! Visit the Escapology Covington website to view the available room options. (Next time we want to try the Lost City, which is like an Indiana Jones-type setting.)

A New Reality: Book the VR Game Room 

The VR game room is also incredibly cool with headsets for each player and a monitor on the wall at each station so you can visualize what each player is seeing. With special hand pieces, the players move through the various rooms and complete tasks within each VR game. You can book the VR room by the hour and pay by the player. There are TWENTY VR game room options at Escapology Covington.

Light It Up: Gaming Fun for the Whole Family 

One of our favorite features was the LED game floor called “The Grid” which operates like a “the floor is lava” game where moving lights change colors and you can’t step on the red. As you accelerate up the levels, the lights move faster and the the game gets more complex. Even my three-year-old loved this game and was running around the room dodging red squares. It really was FUN for the whole family. (This room can be booked in 30-minute increments)

LED Gaming Floor at Escapology Covington A Little Lagniappe Knowledge About Escapology Covington 

  • Escape Rooms are great for birthday parties, adult group parties, or even family game nights!
  • VR Play and LED Grid games can also be booked for an after-dinner activity or quick family entertainment.
  • The Green Screen photo booth is really fun with several background options that email to you for free. We had a good time with the pictures too!
  • Escapology is all indoors, so it’s perfect for a cold-weather or rainy day.
  • There are group packages available, which could be great for a corporate retreat or just a fun group outing!
  • You can even purchase gift cards for that special person as an experience gift!
  • Have more questions? Comment here or follow along in the FAQ section.

Are you intrigued and looking to give Escapology Covington a visit? Use the code “NOLAMOMS20” for 20% all new bookings starting today! 


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