Hurricane Ida :: Decision Paralysis is REAL

Hurricane Ida :: Decision Paralysis is REAL

We have a projected major hurricane on its way to us and I cannot make a decision. In “normal” times I am a decisive person. But I literally have decision paralysis right now. Am I the only one? I feel like 2020 and now 2021 have stolen my decision making ability. Or at the very least, exhausted it. I am so tired of conducting a risk/benefit analysis on every.single.choice. I am not talking about what lunch to pack or “should they get school lunch vs. home lunch.” I am not talking about the mundane choices we make as parents, which is a monumental task. I am talking about ALL the extra choices that came with the pandemic.

Masks all day?

In person school? Virtual school? Homeschool?

Vacation? Stay home?

Isolate? Quarantine? Social distance?

Get tested? Get the kids tested?

Go shopping in person or rely on delivery services?

School Bus? Car line?

Vaccine? Which Vaccine?

That is just the tip of the iceberg with many not having easy answers, clear answers or one “right” solution that fits every family. I am just done. As parents we weigh risks and benefits regularly for simple parenting choices and personal ones. We were asked to do it at an excruciatingly high rate over the past 18 months.

All of this to say, if you are suffering from decision fatigue right now, I see you. We have been asked to make decision after decision in an anxiety-inducing environment that has no end in site. We have been flexible, adjusted, tried to stay positive, attempted to bake sourdough, powered through home workouts and drive through birthdays for our kids. We prayed, we stressed and most of us sent them off to school cautiously optimistic but also worried a few weeks ago. Now we have a major hurricane knocking at our door. If you feel overwhelmed, I see you. If you feel sad, I see you. If you feel helpless, I see you. If you feel like throwing your hands in the air, I see you. If you feel like you cannot take one more thing, girl do I see you. The one thing I can promise is that New Orleans moms will get through this together, but EFF. We are about to break.

So today, when I see the graphics (on the eve of Katrina no less), I have decision paralysis. I cannot decide whether to stay or go. I find it a struggle to prioritize my to-do list just in case. Heck, I can’t even muster the energy to write one. Am I the only one?


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