Dollar Store Crafting: Happy Halloween

Halloween crafts from the dollar store

It’s almost Fall, y’all! Here is a fun and easy t-shirt project that my husband found on Tik Tok! Small Supplies list, cheap, and easy (winner winner)! My daughters and I made family shirts last week for Halloween and had a blast. Each shirt comes out differently and can be created uniquely.

What you’ll need:

  • T-shirt (we used black but any color will fade out in a cool effect)
  • Bleach
  • Spray bottle with water (we used an empty hair product bottle)
  • Stencil / wooden decor item from Dollar General, Michaels, etc.


Pour about 1/3 parts bleach into a spray bottle with water. Close and shake. Lay your stencil in the position on the shirt that you like. Spray the bleach water over the shirt, focusing on the stencil area. We tried a little at a time to watch the reaction and then decided if we wanted more. Some heavier spots can look really cool and like ink splotches. You can see in the pictures how some of the shirts took more bleach and some just a little, which takes on more of a tone-on-tone or shadow effect. The cool thing about using black is that it bleaches out to orange, which is perfect for Halloween! But other colors will fade out too.

Once you like the effect, lift the stencil and then wash your hands well. You don’t want to get bleach fingers on your clothes. Toss the shirts into the washing machine and dry like normal. Voila! So easy and fun!

Holidays and more

For our Halloween shirts, we used a pumpkin cut-out and a Trick-or-Treat cutout. Other shapes and T-shirt colors would be cool to try for other holidays or events or event regular wear. We may try a Mardi Gras theme in the Spring! Give it a try, and share your family Halloween shirts with us!

Rachel Harris Ledet
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  1. Rachel,

    Thank you so much for this post (Halloween Shirts) As a room mom, always looking for fun easy ideas. This was a great project for St. Rita of Harahan’s 2nd grade class. The kids got very creative with their shirts.


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