Waxing the City {A Sponsored Review}

Disclosure: the New Orleans Moms Blog team received complimentary service treatments and compensation for visiting Waxing the City and sharing our experience with you. That said, we also invited several of our fellow social media friends to join the fun, and the conclusion was unanimous: Waxing the City is a welcome addition to Magazine Street and is the best waxing bar most of us have experienced in the area.

Waxing the City | New Orleans Moms Blog

As you know, there are salons and spas on every street corner. Finding the right one for you can be challenging at best. Once you do find a place where you are comfortable, it can be hard to leave. For me, this search is even more challenging not only because I have been trained and licensed to know what to look for in a spa/salon, but also because my skin is highly sensitive and my allergies are numerous.

I recently wrote a post about what to look for before you get a Brazilian. In that post I detailed what you should look for as far as sanitation and what to expect from your service provider. When I first experienced Waxing the City I was pleasantly surprised because their service far surpassed what I had previously described as my ideal waxing studio.

Why is Waxing the City Different?new orleans waxing places

Many spas use wax that is traumatic for the skin (and also very difficult for the service provider to work with). Waxing the City uses the most gentle wax I have ever encountered. I did not break out at all. For my skin, this alone was a major victory. Typically I leave the salon red, inflamed and itchy. None of these symptoms occurred, even hours later.

After my service, I was able to manipulate the wax personally to experience how it performed from a service provider’s perspective. I placed a small amount of their wax on my arm and when I pulled it, I was amazed by how easily it spread on the skin and how easily it pulled. The company had their wax specifically made for them; it’s not available anywhere else. It’s made from one of my favorite compounds, Azulene, that is derived from chamomile. It’s naturally blue in color and has been used as a healing agent for centuries around the world. It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Other waxes I’ve used crack and require a great deal of manipulation to remove without traumatizing the skin. This is like the Cadillac of wax. I would probably still be waxing if I could have used it.

Clients First, No Tips and Top Notch Service!

I also love that they are a client focused waxing studio. Their main goal is that you, the client, receive a sanitary service using the best products available and that your service is provided by a professional who has been given top-notch training. They even go so far as to fly their service providers to Denver where they are given advanced training to ensure that each client is given the same quality of service.

What’s more? They DO NOT ALLOW TIPS! The price is the price. This firm policy breaks the awkwardness of determining how much is sufficient, especially in the more…private areas. In addition to that, it creates an almost clinical environment that demonstrates a professionalism that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Waxing the City | New Orleans Moms Blog

Finally, and most importantly, Waxing the City is impeccably clean. They never “double dip” the sticks, and their wax pots are specifically designed to promote sanitation. They edges of the pot go beyond the heating mechanism, thereby preventing unwanted drip down into the pot which almost never gets cleaned properly and almost always contain stray hair and other unwanted particulates. As for the beds, they’re set up more like a doctor’s office than a spa (they’re still very comfy though). I was completely at ease when I entered the room. It’s every esthetician’s dream set-up for waxing.

Now that I’ve been here and I’ve seen what a true professional waxing studio can be like, I’ll never go anywhere else. No more sticky wax strips with double dipped sticks or questionable sanitation risks. There is now a local shop that will take care of you and your health.

I for one am very excited to have a reliable waxing studio in New Orleans where I can go and know that everything will be clean and that no matter who I see, they’ll know how to take care of me. Everyone I have spoken with who has received a service has been overwhelmed by their professionalism and cleanliness, but more so, I’ve heard time and time again how pain free their service was. The hard wax and the powder barrier make it so that all you feel is the hair being removed. You won’t feel your skin ripping or wax that’s too hot burning the top layer of your skin.

Are You Ready to Try It?

Don’t just take my word for it. Give them a try! They offer new clients 50% off their first service!


  1. I’ve never gotten anything waxed but if I did go I would look for cleanliness of the salon. Also, it’s always nice to deal with nice people when you are trying to be pampered.

  2. I first notice if the shop is clean and if the person waxing me feel confident in themselves.
    I had my eyebrows waxed a little over a month ago.


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