Julie Couret

Nola Native, Julie Couret is Mom of Emma Mae (12) & Helen (10) and partner to her long term boyfriend Tom. She co-parents with her ex-husband & is known for candid posts on her life behind the scenes. Julie is self-employed an Executive Coach who works with business owners leading strategic planning sessions, management training, leadership development, and change management. She loves road trips with her kids, playing tourist in her own city, and riding in her parade Krewe Cleopatra!

My Top Cool Zoo Visit Tips

Whether you are traveling to New Orleans on vacation or live in the city year-round, the heat can be one of the only downsides about Louisiana! If you need to cool off, the Cool Zoo is...
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Glamping :: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Luxurious Camping

Glamping :: Why We Can't Get Enough of Luxurious Camping Glamping, a term derived from glamorous camping, is one of our favorite date weekend getaways. It is an excellent option for those who enjoy the...

The Secret Thoughts of the Divorced Mom

There is a whole different behind-the-scenes world that is unique to the mom who does not have a partner in the home, in my case the divorced mom. Individually, these moments are meaningless. Collectively,...

We Love Visiting Highlands, NC and Here is Why!

We Love Visiting Highlands, NC and Here is Why! The mountains are calling, specifically Highlands, NC a charming town centered around Main Street. Highlands is very different from other tourist towns like Gatlinburg, TN or...

What the BLEEP! Curse Words, Me, and My Kids

Unpopular opinion. I do curse in front of my ten and twelve-year-old kids. Yes, this God-fearing Executive Coach hurls expletives in a variety of circumstances from stubbing her pinky toe to bad drivers. Their...

Five Practical Tips to Help Your Child Avoid and Overcome Grade School Cliques

As parents, we all want our children to be kind, empathetic, and inclusive towards others. Unfortunately, the reality is that social hierarchies and cliques often form among children, particularly in the school environment. As...

Full Time Working Mom and Proud of It

I am no longer afraid to say I am a working mom. What a bizarre thing to say. So many of us are working mothers, so why would I struggle with this comment? I’m being...

Is 12 the New 15?

Is 12 the new 15? I don’t remember much about my relationship with my parents when I was 12 years old. I was pretty consumed with New Kids on the Block, science tests, and...

My First Christmas Without My Kids

Christmas without my kids. For the first time in our six-year-long, positive parenting journey, I will not have my children at all on Christmas Day. Their father‘s family is going on a trip to...
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Why Are People So Surprised That My Ex Husband and I Get Along?

6 million views later, I realized co-parenting was clearly still worth discussing. My Ex-Husband Michael agreed to my request that we should do a short video on our life as Co-Parents, but we didn’t...

How to Support Your Friend During Divorce

So your friend is getting a divorce, and you're not sure how you feel about it. You may believe she could be handling it better, that you would have done X. You might be...

3 Most Common Co-Parenting Questions

I openly share my life as a co-parent, people will reach out to me over the years at varying stages of their co-parenting experience with questions. While everyone’s situation is unique here are the...

The Beauty of Friends Without Children

Let’s give a shout out to my childless friends, this goes out to both empty-nesters and the currently childless. Mom friends are core and essential to my world, as my children are core and...

My Tummy Tuck at 43

The fact that I had a tummy tuck came as a big surprise to many, most of all myself! After having two C-sections, I felt pretty confident that I could get my early 30s...