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Overnight Success: Sleepovers 101

Overnight Success: Sleepovers 101 The sleepover was a rite of friendship passage for me growing up. I still remember wrapping up in a towel and leaping off my friend’s bed reenacting Dove soap commercials. Her...

Straight Up Now Tell Me

Sugarcoating was never my strong suit. Even as a child, I can remember my mother’s surprise and slight embarrassment to my shockingly honest responses to her colleague’s benign inquiry, “And how are you doing...

For the Love of Grandparents After a Divorce

Mima, Pere, and Nana are the names of my children’s living grandparents. When I first had children, I wanted to nurture a close relationship with their grandparents. I grew up especially close to my...

Mean Girls 2.0 Moms Judging Moms

I am so over mean moms. Dones-o. For real, why are women so mean to other women? You don't see this with men. Men don't judge and scoff at other men. They don't comment...

I Strive to Not Take Things Personally

That look the other mom gave you at the birthday party. Finding out about a friend’s accomplishment on social media, versus hearing about it firsthand. Your child not being invited on a playdate lately....

Mommy Guilt :: Releasing the Beast of Burden

Guilt is a useless punishing emotion. It lurks deep in your heart or sometimes relentlessly in the front of your mind. You may cry, get angry, grind your teeth, or toss and turn at...

How Do You Do It All? I Don’t. The Reality of Being Busy

Describing myself as busy is an understatement. I have my hand in so many activities and events, not to mention I am the only parent in our home so if anything is ever going...
doing my best

I’m Doing My Best and My Best is Good Enough

Six large plastic tubs full of children’s clothes that no longer fit sit in my dining room. My plan is to sort through for what to keep for memories and what to give /...
peaceful home

How to Have a Peaceful Home

Let there be peace in my home, and let it begin with me. My children feed off my energy the same way algae hungrily thrives off sunlight. The source of a peaceful home ends and...
at home DNA test

An at Home DNA Test Gave Me Another Brother

I was out with my 79 year old dad one night a few months ago, and he introduced me as "the youngest of my five children." There are only four of us kids. I...

Dating and the Single Mom Part 3: Sex and the Single Mom

Alright, relationship status single moms. Are you ready for this? You will be having sex AGAIN. And sex because you want it. Not because you are trying to get pregnant. Or because it’s your...

Dating and the Single Mom Part 2 :: Dating Apps 101

Bumbles, Selfies, and Ghosting Oh MY! Dating apps for the single mom are a new and different reality in and of themselves. The purpose of this particular post is to understand the norms and best...

Dating and the Single Mom Part 1: A Whole New World

Dating after divorce, dating as a single mom, dating this go-around in life looks a lot different than in your 20s. You have changed. You already have your children, your career is established, and...
dating, single, single mom, divorce, sex

Dating and the Single Mom, a 3 Part Series: An Introduction

“So, now that you are single, are you dating anyone?” “No, as a Mom I’m really focusing on my children / career / health.” But the idea of dating starts to creep in your...


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