Julie Couret

Nola Native, Julie Couret is Mom of Emma Mae (11) & Helen (9). She co-parents with her ex-husband & is known for candid posts on her life behind the scenes. Julie is an Executive Coach who works with business owners as their Coach and Fractional COO, leading strategic planning sessions, vision/mission implementation, and change management. From taking her kids on solo road trips to being self-employed, Julie loves the hustle!

Is 12 the New 15?

Is 12 the new 15? I don’t remember much about my relationship with my parents when I was 12 years old. I was pretty consumed with New Kids on the Block, science tests, and...

My First Christmas Without My Kids

Christmas without my kids. For the first time in our six-year-long, positive parenting journey, I will not have my children at all on Christmas Day. Their father‘s family is going on a trip to...
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Why Are People So Surprised That My Ex Husband and I Get Along?

6 million views later, I realized co-parenting was clearly still worth discussing. My Ex-Husband Michael agreed to my request that we should do a short video on our life as Co-Parents, but we didn’t...

How to Support Your Friend During Divorce

So your friend is getting a divorce, and you're not sure how you feel about it. You may believe she could be handling it better, that you would have done X. You might be...

3 Most Common Co-Parenting Questions

I openly share my life as a co-parent, people will reach out to me over the years at varying stages of their co-parenting experience with questions. While everyone’s situation is unique here are the...

The Beauty of Friends Without Children

Let’s give a shout out to my childless friends, this goes out to both empty-nesters and the currently childless. Mom friends are core and essential to my world, as my children are core and...

My Tummy Tuck at 43

The fact that I had a tummy tuck came as a big surprise to many, most of all myself! After having two C-sections, I felt pretty confident that I could get my early 30s...
Coping with the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida as a Mom

Coping with the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida as a Mom

Coping with the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida as a Mom I can hardly believe we are here again, another crisis. We are now in the midst of a post-Ida recovery that has displaced our entire South...

What Katrina at Age 27 Taught Me About Coronavirus at Age 42

I never thought I would be grateful for Hurricane Katrina. Certainly, I learned much about humanity, family, and resiliency. And for those lessons and experiences, I am grateful. I would not have met my...

Overnight Success: Sleepovers 101

Overnight Success: Sleepovers 101 The sleepover was a rite of friendship passage for me growing up. I still remember wrapping up in a towel and leaping off my friend’s bed reenacting Dove soap commercials. Her...

Straight Up Now Tell Me

Sugarcoating was never my strong suit. Even as a child, I can remember my mother’s surprise and slight embarrassment to my shockingly honest responses to her colleague’s benign inquiry, “And how are you doing...

For the Love of Grandparents After a Divorce

Mima, Pere, and Nana are the names of my children’s living grandparents. When I first had children, I wanted to nurture a close relationship with their grandparents. I grew up especially close to my...

Mean Girls 2.0 Moms Judging Moms

I am so over mean moms. Dones-o. For real, why are women so mean to other women? You don't see this with men. Men don't judge and scoff at other men. They don't comment...

I Strive to Not Take Things Personally

That look the other mom gave you at the birthday party. Finding out about a friend’s accomplishment on social media, versus hearing about it firsthand. Your child not being invited on a playdate lately....