This is 12 {Not a Man but Not a Child}

This is 12 {Not a Man but Not a Child}

Twelve is growing his hair so he can hide behind it.

Twelve has a vocabulary that rivals my own.

Twelve hides in his room and texts his friends.

Twelve snuggles up in bed next to me to help me learn French.

Twelve has BIG feelings that don’t always make sense to either of us.

Twelve knows when he needs to take a step back.

Twelve is now too old to walk around in his underwear.

Twelve asks me to scratch his back.

Twelve wants to be organized but just can’t find the drive.

Twelve still lets me brush his hair that flows down his back in ringlets.

Twelve back-talks with fierce attitude.

Twelve watches little kid cartoons with his sisters.

Twelve is worried about his clothes and is determined to wear expensive sneakers.

Twelve likes bubble baths and rubber ducks.

Twelve likes to stay up all night and drink Mountain Dew with his buddies.

Twelve cooks the family pancakes by himself and bakes like a boss.

Twelve doesn’t want boundaries.

Twelve craves routine.

Twelve’s feet are bigger than mine.

Twelve stopped painting his nails.

Twelve will still paint my nails.

Twelve sleeps till noon.

Twelve is full of emotions and energy. Often mopey and whiney. Cracking voice. Muffled requests. Silly and goofy. Corrects my pronunciation. Fears failure. Loves math.

Twelve is not a man, but not a child. Twelve doesn’t need me, but will always have me.



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