How Meril Made Our Anniversary Dinner Special

Anniversary Plans

My husband and I work full time and have four children. It’s a chore to get out of the house alone but we try to manage date nights every so often, especially to celebrate events. A few weeks ago was our anniversary and we made reservations for 9pm at Meril. We were looking for something new, nothing too expensive and somewhere that could accommodate the time since Josh didn’t get out of work until 8pm and on a school night, our teenage sitter could only stay until 10:30pm.

Watching the Clock

The night we arrived, Meril was slammed. There were people standing in the foyer, the bar was full and other guests were lingering over their completed meals enjoying the atmosphere. It was delightfully kid free, and we were grateful to be out and enjoying each other’s company. As the moments ticked on, I began to get anxious that we wouldn’t be able to leave on time since we weren’t seated, and it was already 20 minutes past our reservation time. By 9:30, we were seated but no one had greeted us yet. I tried hard not to make it worse by complaining; I just wanted a night out with my husband, yet all I could think about was that we weren’t going to get home on time.

Making it Right

As a business owner myself, I know that they couldn’t make it right if they didn’t know there was a problem, so when a manager walked by, I briefly and kindly explained what was going on.

Not 5 minutes later (literally), our table was loaded with starters from Deviled Eggs with Caviar and Shrimp, Corn Bread with Bacon Marmalade, Biscuits with Fois Gras bBtter and Blackberry Preserves and some kind of fancy shrimp lettuce wraps. We ordered our meals (two pasta dishes) and they were delicious too. They brought out their traditional celebratory cotton candy with sparklers and even espresso for us at the end. It was an incredible meal with unparalleled service.

In the End

When we received our check, we were pleasantly surprised that they took care of much of what they brought out. They went above and beyond to make sure our experience was wonderful, in the end. So thank you to the management and staff at Meril for ensuring our Anniversary dinner was special. And to anyone considering a trip to Meril in the future, please don’t hesitate to go. We promise, it’ll be worth it!


  1. Thanks for the feedback! Would you like to interview for the new sitter position? It sounds like you have it all figured out. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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