Why Every Kid Needs a “YES” Day

One-on-One Time

With four kids, it sometimes gets tough to find dedicated 1:1 time. Roll that in with the expense of a large family and experiences aren’t always up for grabs. I’m so grateful for each of my children and truly love our time together, especially when it’s “just us.” Last year, we started “YES” days and it’s really been a game-changer for fun, quality times.

How “Yes” Days Work?

Each kid gets at least two “YES” days a year–one on their birthday and one on any other random day throughout the year, as schedules permit, and are often spontaneous. A “YES” day means that any reasonable request from the child will be met with a resounding “YES!” When we first started “YES” days, we fully expected them to ask for crazy things and we did set some boundaries with them. As it turns out, every request up to this point has been very down-to-earth. “YES” days usually run about $50-75 a pop.

What Does a “YES” Day Look Like?

A few weeks ago, my 4-year old had her first “YES” day. I simply asked her what she wanted to do that day, just the two of us, and she came up with a plan all on her own. It included:

  • Breakfast at the hotel Grandma and Grandpa were staying at in the city
  • To make her first Build-A-Bear; a unicorn bear with a fairy outfit
  • A trip to Louisiana Children’s Museum
  • A picnic lunch
  • Visit brother’s big-boy school
  • SnoBalls at SnoLa

Bonding Time Bonus

The best part of a “YES” day is definitely the bonding time, though they may argue that!  I absolutely love the conversations that happen when it’s just the two of us, and the joyful laughs that result.

Surprise your kiddo with a “YES” day and let me know how it goes!


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