The McGehee Graduate: A Blueprint for Honor, Academics, Engagement, and Empowerment

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The McGehee Graduate: A Blueprint for Honor, Academics, Engagement, and Empowerment

The McGehee Graduate: A Blueprint for Honor, Academics, Engagement, and EmpowermentImagine a school where curiosity knows no bounds, where engagement leads to innovation, where open-mindedness is a way of life, where honor is your guiding light, and where empowerment drives change. At the Louise S. McGehee School, this isn’t a dream; it’s the reality for every McGehee graduate. 

Two McGehee seniors, Kendall Joseph and Kendall Williams, recently addressed a parent group, reflecting upon their McGehee experience. Kendall Joseph serves as the Student Body President, leading and directing all student activities for grades 9-12. She plays volleyball and soccer along with her leadership role. She remarked to the group,  “I love being at an all girls’ school! I just get to learn and I am surrounded by people who support me and want me to do well. I feel like I can voice my opinion without being judged.” Kendall Williams, who serves as the Co-President of the Diversity Club, has given the club her all and serves as a very effective leader. She plays volleyball, basketball and softball, in addition to singing in the choir. She stated, “The classroom environment here is easy to be in. It’s easy to talk and have discussions with other students, bond with people, even with girls in other grades. There’s no boy drama. And, it’s fun as seniors to be in charge of the upper school.”

Kendall Joseph and Kendall Williams
Kendall Joseph and Kendall Williams

Upper School Head Noel Waddington had the following to say about Kendall Williams.“Kendall Williams embodies everything we write about what it means to be empowered. She began to lead Diversity Club with a fellow sophomore in her 10th grade year, and has really given the club a new lease of life. They are responsible for our annual Martin Luther King Assembly, as well as several other assemblies during the year. She has been an advocate for others in this work, but she can also be an effective advocate for herself, speaking up politely but firmly when she sees wrongs. She has a strong voice and strong agency—in that regard, she embodies what we hope a McGehee grad will be.”

Teacher Sarah Westfall spoke about Kendall Joseph. “It’s remarkable that Kendall is able to juggle so many advanced skills with so much grace and expertise. She is always prepared and ready to engage, whether it be in class discussion, in small group work, or leading her team on the volleyball court.  She is a good listener and an encouraging classmate, but also a risk-taker who steps up to challenge.  Kendall has the tools to bring her success no matter how high she sets the bar: managing time, setting incremental goals, seeking feedback, reworking projects, and inspiring others.”

McGehee’s Portrait of a Graduate not only lives on the website, it is at the core of each McGehee girl and McGehee Leading Women. Curious. Engaged. Open-minded. Honorable. Empowered. These are core competencies that are reality here.

The Louise S. McGehee School is not just a school; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities. Schedule your tour today.

The Louise S. McGehee School is open to all qualified girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.



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