Rigorous Academics, a Diverse Community, and Programming As Unique As A Rarebird

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Rigorous Academics, a Diverse Community, and Programming As Unique As A Rarebird


With over 40 years of proven excellence in education, two unique program options, and a focus on culture, community, and creativity, Audubon Charter School is consistently one of the top most in-demand K-8 public schools in New Orleans. And for good reason. Read why one parent and former teacher at the school believes it is unlike any other in the city here:

Years before I had children, I knew that I wanted them to attend Audubon Charter. As a college student working towards my teaching certification, I was aware of the very unique nature of the school; unlike any other school in the country, Audubon Charter Uptown contains two distinct programs – a French program that follows the French National curriculum and has AEFE certification as well as a Montessori program which has Montessori certified instructors. Hired there as a teacher in my 20’s, I saw firsthand how well both programs addressed the needs of its students. I was also able to observe how well the two groups of educators interact and enrich the other. Both programs teach students critical thinking skills and guide them to be invested in their own education. It is clear that the school’s mission is to develop lifelong learners, people who are truly invested in learning about the world around them.

Although I moved on to teach at other schools in New Orleans, when it was time for my own children to attend school, I knew that I would choose Audubon. Years later, I currently have a son who graduated from Audubon’s French program and is now a junior in the highest performing public high school in the city and a daughter enrolled in 6th grade in the French program at Audubon.

I know that Audubon prepared my son well for the rigorousness of his current high school, where he is flourishing, even taking university courses in many areas, including French. I am certain that his years at Audubon played a huge role in the student he is today, one who loves learning and who seeks out opportunities to increase his understanding of the world around him. This is a direct result of his teachers at Audubon, who taught him to analyze and to think critically, not to only absorb facts and knowledge, but to apply what he learns to new information and integrate it into his existing worldview. I am constantly astounded by his understanding of history and his grasp of how the past relates to events today. I recently had teacher conferences with his current teachers, who told me that they enjoyed having a student in the class who was so enthralled with learning and who was so engaged and not solely focused on grade acquisition.

My daughter is similarly engaged and I am always impressed at the commitment of her teachers and other members of the school staff. Most of her core teachers come from French speaking countries, and this infuses the school and her classroom with a global sense of community as well as a vastly different perspective. Students who attend Audubon have an understanding of the world around them- they see themselves as citizens of the world, and this drives them to want to have a better understanding of others, including people and cultures of which they are not familiar. This is supported further by the diversity of the parent and family community of the school, a community in which all learners and their families are warmly welcomed and included.

As an educator, I can tell that Audubon both challenges and supports its students. Although the curriculum is rigorous, when my children needed interventions the school was quick to offer them. The classroom environment is supportive and responsive, and teachers take their roles very seriously. They are true professionals in every sense.

With a new, beautiful, permanent school site for the upper campus as well as a newly hired and highly proactive, committed and engaged CEO, I have great confidence that the school is bound to grow and become even stronger in its commitment to educate all students as critical thinkers. I am thrilled to see Audubon moving into such a strong position of stability, one that will allow the school to reach its full potential.

If I had a kindergartener today, Audubon would absolutely be my first choice. I encourage all of my friends with young kids to seek out an education at Audubon for their children. Its first rate, unique programs are a true asset to the city. Audubon offers an opportunity for students in New Orleans to receive an excellent, tuition-free education – one that incorporates the arts and benefits students with a well-rounded education.

Audubon Schools operates two of the most in-demand public charter schools in New Orleans: Audubon Charter Uptown and Audubon Charter Gentilly. Audubon Uptown offers two unique programs, a French program and a Montessori program, and serves students in grades K-8 in both programs. Audubon Gentilly opened in 2018 as a sister school to Audubon Uptown. Rather than selecting between a French or Montessori program, students at this school experience a Montessori-based curriculum with French language and arts infusions. Audubon Gentilly currently serves students in grades K-7.

Learn more about the schools and how to apply at www.auduboncharter.org.

Darleen MiproDarleen Mipro is a native New Orleanian who began her teaching career at Audubon and has taught in public and private schools for over 20 years. She has two children who both attend New Orleans Public Schools and is currently employed as an evaluation coordinator.


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