Explore, Experiment and Be Curious: The A-Rated Audubon Charter School Experience

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Audubon Charter School and written by Amanda Peek, a former and future Audubon parent and current Audubon Enrollment Coordinator.

Explore, Experiment and Be Curious: The A-Rated Audubon Charter School Experience

Explore, Experiment and Be Curious: The A-Rated Audubon Charter School ExperienceApplying to a public school in New Orleans can be an overwhelming experience. But in searching for an A-rated school with exceptional non-traditional programming, only a few stand out.

As a former (and future) parent at Audubon Charter, and as the current Enrollment Coordinator, I have a unique perspective about what makes Audubon one of the top most in-demand schools in the city. In my own search for an elementary school for my oldest child, I wasn’t just looking for an academically rigorous curriculum – I looking for a place where the programming extends beyond traditional education, where curiosity is encouraged to inspire a true love of learning, and where students are encouraged to be their authentic selves to help my son grow as a unique, well-rounded individual.

Not many schools in New Orleans fit that bill. Audubon Charter delivered an experience that made such a lasting impact on my family, and now I have the opportunity to help other families in New Orleans get that experience too.

What sets Audubon apart is the belief that children thrive in an environment where curiosity is cultivated, exploration is empowering, and diversity is embraced.

With over 40 years of proven excellence in education, Audubon Uptown offers two distinct programs—an immersive French program following the French National curriculum with AEFE accreditation, and a Montessori program that utilizes a curriculum and materials specifically designed for whole-child development.

Observing the Montessori classrooms is truly mind-blowing. Montessori practices are seamlessly integrated into the learning environment, respecting each child’s unique needs and fostering curiosity. The use of Montessori materials, especially in the early years, allows for personalized and independent learning experiences. Watching young students take agency in their learning, deciding what lessons they choose to work on and the materials that they will use, as they develop intrinsic motivation and curiosity is inspiring.

The French program is an exceptional and authentically French learning experience. Teachers are native French speakers and teach the French national curriculum standards alongside Louisiana standards. This enables students to earn French language high school credits and even participate in an exchange program with a partner school in France, which fosters a sense of global community within the school.

Both programs offer rigorous academics. The use of high-quality instructional materials ensures that the learning experience is deeply aligned with educational standards. By the time they graduate, 8th graders have the opportunity to earn between three and five high school credits. This gives students an expedited trajectory through some of the top high schools in the city.

But Audubon isn’t just about academic excellence. It’s a place that nurtures and develops the whole child. They’re all about building not just brains but good hearts and social smarts too. The dedication to personalized learning ensures every child, no matter their learning style, feels seen and supported. They take embracing and cultivating a flock of “Rarebirds” as serious business and parents appreciate the dedication to ensuring that our children show up as their authentic selves throughout their academic journey.

What set Audubon apart for my own family was the dedication to inclusivity – a commitment that extends to their approach to special education. In this interactive and supportive environment, we witnessed the magic of individualized attention and tailored learning experiences. The school recognizes and values the unique strengths and challenges of each student, creating an environment where every child, regardless of their learning style, feels included and supported. Audubon’s integrated creative arts programming cultivates an artful culture, allowing students to explore music, movement, theater, and visual arts while promoting self-expression and creativity.

With the addition of its sister school Audubon Gentilly in 2018, offering a Montessori-based curriculum with French language and arts infusions, Audubon Schools now provides even more families with the opportunity to experience the unique educational approach that has made Audubon Charter School a top choice in New Orleans for decades.

The thing that I hear most about from Audubon families is an appreciation of the culture of the school. Every learner and their family are warmly welcomed and included, creating a supportive community that extends beyond the classrooms. Administrators consistently provide families with opportunities to be engaged and included in their child’s learning experience. It truly feels like a partnership between the school and families.

Audubon isn’t just an A-rated school – it’s an experience. It’s where textbooks meet creative expression, where culture is explored and celebrated, and where everyone can feel like they belong. Students at Audubon aren’t just prepped for memorizing facts and taking exams. They are prepared for a future where they can confidently navigate a diverse and ever-changing world by exploring, experimenting, and being curious.

If you’re interested in learning more about the school, join me for a small group tour at one of our campuses or email me at [email protected].

About the author

Amanda Peek is a dedicated professional with a passion for education and nurturing young Amanda Peek minds. Currently serving as the Admissions Coordinator for Audubon Schools, she brings a wealth of experience to facilitate a seamless enrollment process. Beyond her administrative role, Amanda was a seasoned early childhood educator, where she employed innovative teaching methods to foster a love for learning in her students. Balancing her career with her commitment to family, Amanda is a proud mother of three, embodying the values of resilience and excellence in both her personal and professional life. Her unwavering dedication to education and her ability to manage multiple roles with grace make her an invaluable asset to the Audubon Schools community.


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