Why I wanted a “natural” childbirth {from the archives}

As with many mothering topics, child birth can feel a little divisive at times. When mothers make different parenting decisions or differing situations lead to divergent choices, it can be hard for women to know how to find common ground. This comes up with everything from birth to breastfeeding, from working to schooling, from meal time decisions to play time decisions. And those are just the ones I’ve encountered in my three short years of experience.

But we all make the choices that seem right for us at the time. Every family carves its own path and that is what makes us unique and interesting. So as I’ve said before, I take a little pause at writing about anything that has “natural” in front of it. But “Why I wanted an unmedicated, intervention-free, partner-coached childbirth in a supportive medical environment” just didn’t have the same ring.

Take the full trip down memory lane with us…



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