What I Want For My Child

female-865110_1280Several months before my now 5 month old was born, I began a journal that I plan to give him at some important milestone in his life – 18th birthday, high school graduation, college graduation. I’m not sure when just yet, but I have a little time ahead of me still to decide the right moment.

I began a wish list for my then unborn child. I imagine him reading it to his partner / spouse, his kids, or even as part of my eulogy (hopefully) many, many years from now. Here’s a condensed version of that ‘wish list’ … in no particular order.

My Wish List

  • I want my child to know love – to be loved, to accept love and to give love.
  • I want my child to grow up knowing that people have differences and that it is through those differences that humanity continues to grow and learn and thrive. This is how we continue to be.
  • I want my child to know good music. Because – it’s no fun dancing to bad music.
  • I want my child to travel. I want him to travel with my husband and I, with friends, alone. I want him to experience other cultures and expand his mind. Try new foods, learn another language.
  • I want my child to grow up in a time when women and men are treated equally. If this is still not a regular occurrence soon, I hope that he uses the values that we will instill in him to be a part of the change to make gender equality a reality.
  • I want my child to know that there will be days I can’t give 100% whether it’s because of my job, or lack of sleep, or whatever the reason. And no matter what the reason, I know I will feel guilty about not being able to give 100% to my child directly. But, I want him to know the intent is there and whatever is taking my attention away from him will be to better his life.
  • I want my child to be the one that befriends the kid sitting alone at lunch. Kids can be harsh to other kids and growing up is tough enough as it is.
  • I want my child to realize that while my husband and I are giving it all we can when it comes to parenting, we really don’t know what we’re doing. We will probably make mistakes. Scratch that – we probably already have made mistakes and we’re only 5 months in.
  • I want this for my child because this is all of what my parents gave to me. My mom and dad both gave it their all when raising my brother, my sister and myself. And while I know deep down they were just winging it like my husband and I are doing right now with our baby, they surely seemed like pros.

What do you want for your child?


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