Our Delightful Trip to the Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World is famously dubbed the happiest place on Earth. I recently went with my (immediate) family – my folks, my siblings, our spouses and four kids. It was my son’s first trip to the magical place. He had just turned 18 months right before our trip and was the youngest in our group by a few years.

We spent a pretty penny on the trip and it was a lot of fun … and very exhausting. I loved hanging out with my family, seeing the kids all excited – well, seeing my sister’s kids all excited.

My son cried and slept his way through the happiest place on Earth. And I made it out alive to write a blog post about it.

Bubble Trouble

My son is obsessed with bubbles, so when he saw the Mickey bubble-maker, he chased down the cast member, following the path of bubbles. We bought one. Of course. He wouldn’t let it go. Of course. We eventually strapped him back in his stroller, and I pushed him around for about 20 minutes thinking maybe he’ll fall asleep. Nope. 

So we stroll to a restroom and as my husband picked my son up out the stroller for a diaper change, he notices that his shirt and shorts are soaked … with bubbles. And the bubble-maker was now empty. No problem – I have a spare shirt, but no shorts. While my husband rinsed out the clothes in the restroom, I got my son changed into another shirt. He somehow wriggled away and ran screaming through Frontier Land in a diaper and his bare feet.

Post-runaway, we couldn’t find shorts for purchase in Disney World, so we decided to stop in the Baby Care center. As soon as we walked in, I thought “this place feels so sterile;” it wasn’t really what I pictured the Baby Care Center at Disney to be like. But, whatever. The nurse thankfully had a blow dryer, so I dried the bubble-washed shorts. As we walked out, I realized we were actually at the infirmary. The Baby Care center was next door. Lol?

My husband broke the bubble-maker while folding up the stroller that night. All my son said that night was “uh oh.” Lol again.

Meet and Greet Disney Characters

I knew reactions to Disney characters would be hit or miss. With my son, it was definitely a miss. Poor thing. We tried. Several times as you can see. Maybe next time.

[easy-image-collage id=63164]

Nap Time

This kid can clearly sleep through fun. He was able to take a few decent naps in his stroller – call me impressed. Because I totally was. We managed to get a few good photos while he snoozed. At least he wasn’t crying, I guess.

[easy-image-collage id=63158]

His Cup of Tea on the Trip

Thankfully, nearing the end of our last night, we found out what this little dude’s cup of tea was — the tea cups! We managed to get a big smile and I snapped a photo at the perfect time. We have proof that our trip wasn’t all for naught. 

Regardless, pictures are worth a thousand words and I’m pretty pleased with what we caught to freeze time—tears, snores and all. And then these sweet photos on the plane ride home, along with this other sweet moment. Squeeeeee!

plane ridetea cups favorite trip with the grandparents


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