Prepping for the Magic: A Disney World Packing List

Prepping for the Magic: A Disney World Packing List

It is almost time for the annual migration of New Orleanians to Orlando. Yes, I am talking about the large number of locals who will head to Disney World for the Mardi Gras holiday. Whether the plan is to skip the parades or skip being home with the kiddos out of school, Disney will see a lot of purple, green and gold this week.

With the dining reservations made and Genie+ considered, it is just about time to pack the suitcases. But if you are like me, I always forget to pack something crucial for vacation. The beauty of Disney is there is pretty much nothing you can’t get on the grounds, but I like to be prepared and have what I need. So here is a list of things to toss in the suitcase before you are Disney bound!Disney World Packing List

The Disney Necessities:

Daily tops and bottoms (including matching family shirts), comfortable walking shoes, underwear, undergarments, pajamas, socks, swimsuit, swim cover up, flip flops, jacket, sunglasses and hats.

The Disney Toiletries:

Toothbrush, toothpaste (adult & children), mouthwash, floss, facewash, shave gel, body wash (adult & children), shampoo (adult & children), conditioner, detangler, razor, hair products, tampons, lotion, deodorant, ponytail holders, hairbrush, makeup, makeup remover, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, contact lens solution, glasses and disinfectant spray.

Because if you don’t pack it, you will need it:

Tylenol and/or Motrin (adult & children), Benadryl, allergy medications, band-aids, Neosporin, moleskin for potential blisters, thermometer, ponchos and umbrella.

Entertainment for the plane, car or waiting in line in the parks:

Books, iPad, action figures, colors and coloring book, headphones, SNACKS, iPhone and iPad chargers.

Because sleep is a necessity:

Lovies, sleep sacks, favorite stuffed animals, blankets they can’t sleep without, sound machine, and nightlight.

What to pack for the littles:

Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, bottles, formula, breast pump, pack and play sheet, diaper trash bags, pacifiers and pacifier holders, sippy cups, baby food, puffs, swim diapers, bibs, burp clothes, and disposable changing pads and placemats.

Elements of magic:

Magic bands, confirmation numbers, bag to carry in the parks, autograph mat, markers, autograph book, pens, pillow cases, fabric markers, costumes, light up night toy and/or bubble wand (if you want to save money on buying in the park).

Miscellaneous items not to overlook:

Trash bags to collect dirty clothes, something fun to identify your stroller, power strip for extra outlet capacity in the hotel room, external phone battery charger, pennies and quarters for pressing in the parks, camera, Polaroid camera (for big kids to take their own pictures), Mardi Gras attire, handheld fan, waterproof phone case, soft ice chest (in case you plan to bring food into the park) and ziplocks.


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