Since Moms Don’t Come With 8 Arms {Sponsored BABYBJÖRN Giveaway}

Disclosure :: This is a sponsored post brought to you by BABYBJÖRN. 

Ever Wished You Had 8 Arms?!

I am one of those people that insists on carrying everything all at once to avoid making a second trip. When my daughter, Pearl, sees me doing this she loves to exclaim, “Mama! You are NOT an octopus. You do NOT have 8 arms.” It’s pretty hilarious and a nice reminder that I should probably become more laid back in my attitude on getting it all done at once. With baby #3 coming in January, I’ve been trying to prepare creative ways to either carry the baby or safely place him down so that I can still get some things done or just have him be part of play time with Pearl and Fern. This is where BABYBJÖRN helps. Not only do they have some great, new baby carrying options, but their Bouncer Balance Soft has such a neutral, sleek design that it fits right in without screaming “BABY GEAR!”

BABYBJÖRN :: a Mom’s Best Friend Final

Given the cruel trick Mother Nature played on us moms – often blessing us with more kids than arms – we moms NEED a safe place to put our babies to unload the dishwasher, play with the older kids, cook dinner or heck, just use the restroom! That’s where a baby seat comes into play, but with so many options on the market it’s hard to figure out which one will suit your family’s needs. Our team has come to the conclusion, though, that you can’t go wrong with the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft.

Oh BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft, how do I love thee? Let me count the FIVE ways…

  • You provide a safe place to put baby right from the start AND babies enjoy the natural bouncing movement you provide (our team members rave about this!)
  • You require no batteries or plugs; you just work with the natural movement of the baby! If babies are too young to make the seat bounce, mom or dad can use their hand or foot. Although in my house, I know two little girls who will be making a game of bouncing their brother!
  • You provide proper head and neck support, and the fabric used helps to evenly distribute the baby’s weight. And if the baby happens to fall asleep, you have three positions, one of which lets parents lay the baby down.
  • You fold up flat for easy travel or storage. Yeah, road trips! (Not that we’re doing many of those soon with three kids!)
  • You have plans for the toddler years. When my sweet babe is done using you, you will not be rendered useless because you can be used as a toddler seat! Yay for gear that keeps continuity in mind.

Y’all, this seat can be used up to age of two with a quick turnaround of the fabric (which, by the way, is free from hazardous substances or allergens)!

Me is now We :: Carrying babyWeFinal

So what about those times that you’re on the go OR baby just won’t tolerate being left independently? BABYBJÖRN has a new baby carrier called We, and I was honored to be among the first moms in the country to try it out!

The We is an ergonomic carrier that keeps your baby close, while also freeing up your hands to do other things like mediate fights between screaming children. Imagine this: you leave work to pick everyone up and you head home. The second you walk through the door it starts, “I’m hungry.” “I need help with this.” “Mom… bathroom!!” (And the dogs need to go out). The two older kids can’t do it all on their own yet, and the baby just wants to be held. You really wish you had at least 1 extra arm. (Mother Nature, ARE YOU LISTENING?!)

Oh BABYBJÖRN We, how do I ALSO love thee? Let me count the FIVE ways…

  • You provide a comfy, safe, place for baby to snuggle while I attend to the other pressing issues happening around my house.
  • You, too, will be with our family for a while. With THREE safe carrying positions, you’re perfect from newborn up to 3 years of age. Moms can carry a newborn and older baby facing them in the front. Or when baby gets older, carry him on our back.
  • You were designed in collaboration with pediatricians, so my baby’s proper hip and spine development were kept in mind. Ergnomically correct for baby and parents? Check!
  • You are free from hazardous substances or allergens so if baby happens to chew on the strap, it’s ok.
  • You work at home OR in public. This carrier will not only be useful around the house, but for trips to the grocery store. I know where we shop, the largest cart only has 2 seats. So by using the We (which also folds up small enough to fit in a bag), I can take all 3 kids with me when I realize we’ve run out of milk.

By adding these two BABYBJÖRN products to my regular assortment of blankets for tummy time, rattles and other toys, I can see that my life with three kiddos will not be without its challenges BUT it will be easier. BABYBJÖRN makes it possible to keep your baby safe and close while still having enough arms to take care of everything else happening around you. Although Mother Nature, about those eight arms…

I may not be an octopus, but at least I can use the two good arms I have (and some great products) to take care of three children!

Do you find yourself struggling to cook dinner while juggling a baby? Or maybe you have more kids than you do hands? We encourage you to check out our sponsors BABYBJÖRN and enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a Bouncer Balance Soft (valued at ~$200). 

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