Introducing Ana ~ Architect, Stroller Pushing Mother of Two and Makin’ Groceries Expert

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As native New Orleanians, my husband and I are proud to call NOLA home once again. For “school” I went to Mount Carmel Academy and even completed my degree in architecture in New Orleans, at The School of Architecture, at Tulane University. I met my husband, Brad, that fall and we have been inseparable ever since. He proposed a couple of days after I received my final licensing letter and our lives have been quite an adventure ever since. We had the perfect New Orleans wedding, on a warm night in mid August. It included a beautiful ceremony in our historic parish church, a second line, muffulettas and ending with a horse drawn carriage ride through the French Quarter. The following Easter we drove a thousand miles away, to Chicago, to start a new chapter in our lives. I practiced with one of the oldest firms in the city and from my office window daily admired the edifices that had inspired me to become an architect. However, our hearts were always in New Orleans. We sought Abita beer on tap and any place that referred to mudbugs by their proper name, crawfish. We even seemed to gravitate and find friends with ties from our native city.

I surprised my husband on our third year wedding anniversary that we were expecting! Our lives have never been the same. Being pregnant for the first time was an incredible experience, from the first time I felt her kick to having strange cravings that ranged from sweet potatoes to avocados to burritos. After reading all of the statistics, I never imagined that I would be THAT woman whose water broke in the middle of Costco. Much less that woman arriving at the hospital 8 centimeters dilated and in very little pain! Our daughter entered the world on a chilly April day, in 2011, with a huge smile and a head full of hair. Apparently, we were so enamored by her that our son arrived seventeen months later. I was extremely grateful to have such a smooth pregnancy the second time around and surprisingly with enough energy to chase after his older sister. As with each pregnancy, they are as different as can be. Our daughter loves to “Play!” and you cannot help but smile while she cooks in her kitchen and laugh along with her.Our son is content sitting around clapping and crawling after his older sister; his giggles and smiles are contagious. (As I write this, it almost makes me want to wake them up from their naps, key word, almost.) It makes my heart sing to see both of them interacting, playing and laughing with one another. We are extremely blessed to have such happy and healthy babies. They have taught me patience, to enjoy every moment and that nothing is impossible. I have to admit that thanks to them I also feel invincible, especially after experiencing natural childbirth, twice!

Moving across the country with two has been one of the most challenging times in our lives. We return seeking to immerse ourselves in everything New Orleans. We are now first time shotgun residents, in walking distance from the streetcar line, Audubon and snowball stands. Now that we are back home, we are looking forward to teaching our children the art of makin’ groceries, the importance of the neutral ground for parade watching, and how to eat crawfish. I am extremely excited to start this new chapter of our family’s lives as a contributor for the New Orleans Moms Blog. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


  1. Thank you Ashley! I am ecstatic to be a part of the New Orleans Moms Blog. Thank you all for making me feel SO welcomed!

  2. Funny seeing you here!! We need to get you guys over soon! Looking forward to reading more from you! We are glad you’re back!

  3. I can’t believe your water broke in the middle of Costco! Eek! I also arrived to the hospital 8 cm dilated. Glad to learn more about you and have you as part of our group!


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