Chocolate Birds’ Nests: An Easy Recipe That Will Win You Room Mother of the Year

Jane's First Easter Egg Hunt

It’s been so chilly these past few days that it’s hard to believe that Easter is in fact on its way! If your calendar looks like ours, the next few weekends will be packed with egg hunts and Easter bunny photo ops. I was so inspired by the New Orleans Moms Blog Easter egg hunt that I decided to host an egg hunt for some of our family and friends on the Saturday before Easter.

This probably does not sound like an abnormally crazy plan. It’s not. Unless, like me, you are a CPA and will be spending the week leading up to and most of that Saturday tied to your desk! With little time to prepare, I am taking the Ina Garten (my culinary hero) approach to entertaining. Ina recommends a menu that allows for one dish to be made the night before and one to be made the morning of an event.  She also says to keep things simple, avoid doing too much and most importantly, enjoy yourself!  When hosting, I tend to forget to do the latter!


Ina didn’t mention this, but ACCEPT HELP! I have had a few friends offer to bring something. The Type A trait in me is used to saying, “Just bring yourself…” when anyone offers to help. However, I am realizing as I go along this journey they call motherhood that it is more than ok to admit that you just can’t do it all. A little help from a friend goes a LONG way in allowing you to achieve the last part of Ina’s advice.

One friend will be bringing sandwiches, and another has offered to bring deviled eggs. The quiche from Langenstein’s is so delicious that I couldn’t make it better if I tried, so we decided to order a few and save a whole bunch of time and stress worrying about preparing food for the adults. We’ll pair that with a nice and simple fruit salad. It’s something the kids and the parents can both enjoy, and with all of the candy they will have been eating, it’ll be nice to offer something healthy.

It wouldn’t be a party without dessert. I need a recipe that produces a result as adorable as it is delicious. The tricky part is that it has to be easy enough for me to accomplish on a Friday after a sixty hour work week. There is only one recipe I know of that fits the bill: Chocolate Birds’ Nests. I made these incredible confections last year for my coworkers, and they just loved them. I have no doubt that the children and the parents alike will, too!

Chocolate Birds Nests (Makes 12)


  • 1 (11-12 oz) bag milk chocolate chips
  • 1 (11-12 oz) bag peanut butter chips*birds copy
  • 1 (10-12 oz) bag Chow Mein noodles
  • Jordan almonds, M&Ms, or any other egg shaped candy (I prefer something blue to look like robins’ eggs)

*If you have allergy concerns, cinnamon chips or butterscotch chips would also work perfectly!


  • Place chips in a microwavable safe bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds and stir. Repeat until chips are melted.
  • Add the chow mein noodles to the melted chocolate and mix until incorporated.
  • Drop a few tablespoons of the mixture onto wax paper and shape in the form of a nest (push a thumbprint in the middle of the nest).
  • Press three candy eggs in the center of the nest.
  • Allow to cool in the fridge.

I cannot wait to make these again this year. Jane is going to love stirring (her favorite job in the kitchen) the chips. I hope this recipe finds its way into your recipe file and that the Chocolate Birds Nests find their way to your neighbors, your children’s teachers, your Sunday school friends, your classroom, or your office. I can guarantee that no matter where you take them, they won’t be there for long!


  1. Thank you for the recipe! Looking forward to making these for Easter 🙂 how long do you recommend they cool in the fridge for?

  2. HELP I am not a good cook.

    My daughter and I tried these I think we used the wrong noodles, are you supposed to cook the noodles first? We got them in the ethnic section of the grocery store, it looks like spaghetti is that right?


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