Celebrate Your Birth Story!

Today we are excited to bring you a one day series focused on the joy and miracle of childbirth. As moms, we often stress about every little detail when it comes to our children, and that generally starts around the time we get that positive pregnancy test. The idea for this series was born when we were talking as a team and realized that we ALL – no matter how our baby or babies were born – felt some lingering guilt or emotions about how our births had gone. We thought: if the ten or so of us feel this way, wouldn’t it be great to put our stories out there so that other moms in the area could relate and hopefully find one in common? The end goal of this series is to recognize that no matter how our children come into this world, each birth story is a special miracle. We are thankful to Touro for partnering with us on this project.

It’s no secret: we love babies! For 160 years, Touro has been a source of life in New Orleans. More babies are born each year in our uptown hospital than in any other single facility in the greater New Orleans area. We deliver more than 300 babies a month, but each delivery is unique, special and life changing.

We know that expecting moms have done their homework. You’ve read the books, gone to classes to prepare for parenthood, developed a birth plan and carefully prepared for the big day. Sometimes everything goes exactly as planned…and sometimes, well, not exactly. Touro is proud to sponsor the Celebrate Your Birth Story series and celebrate the community of moms in New Orleans.



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