5 Reasons to Grab Your Girls and Head to Rizzuto’s for Happy Hour

5 Reasons to Grab Your Girls and Head to Rizzuto’s for Happy Hour

It’s summertime, it’s hot, your kids are not listening, they are bored (it’s only mid-June) and you need a break so that you can muster the energy to make it to and through the weekend. Grab your girls and head over to Rizzuto’s on Thursdays or check the “Specials” section of their website for customized happy hours on other days starting at 4pm and lasting until 6pm. Rizzuto’s bar area is pretty, air conditioned, has delicious appetizers, drink specials and an awesome DJ.

Here are 5 reasons that you need to head over there:

Happy Hour Specials

The truffle fries (pictured here) are my favorite and are only $5, theTruffle fries at Rizzuto's perfect salty treat to pair with your cocktail(s). Their menu also includes: meatballs, a Caprese Stack, Wagyu sliders, meatball sliders, Eggplant Valentina, Petite Oysters Rizzuto and sometimes a tuna appetizer. Please note that sometimes they change up the specials. Drink specials including well drinks, wine by the glass, domestic beer and “spirited cocktails.” If that was not good enough, imagine your favorite tunes in the background. 

The DJ

This may be my favorite part of the happy hour experience.DJ at Rizzuto's The current DJ, James, is friendly, takes reasonable song requests and plays music from all decades. Sometimes I am the only person making requests so it is like I have a personal DJ which makes me so very happy. We have even gotten up and danced to a song or two.

It’s Air Conditioned

It’s about that time of the year that I only commit to outside activities that involve a pool as I sweat like no one’s business. I have friends that can attest to this. The bar area is cozy and if you have a special friend like I do, she is able to get there at 4pm and grab a few seats. You can sit inside, in the air condition, or you may sit in the patio area. You can still hear the music in the patio area which is perfect if you are a smoker.

Friendly Staff

You know sometimes you walk into a restaurant or bar and you feel as though you are bothering the staff by asking for something? I have not had that experience in the few happy hours I have attended. The bartenders are friendly and never seem annoyed with my special requests. This is a big deal and they certainly make me feel comfortable enough to stay and enjoy myself well past the first happy hour.

Bar at Rizzuto's


Even though the Happy Hour specials that I have spoken of are great, there is another special that takes place after the 4pm-6pm happy hour, “Meatballs and Martinis.” They pass around small meatballs and have delicious martini specials until 7pm. This allows those of us that need to go home the ability to enjoy ourselves and those of us that are able to stay can enjoy being together a little longer. 

Girlfriends enjoying happy hour at Rizzuto's

Although I do not go every week, having scheduled happy hours with my friends at Rizzuto’s on Thursday nights gives me the push to get through the week. Rizzuto’s has often been the place that my husband and I go for double dates or a romantic night away from the kids but now I hold a special place for my friends and I on Thursday nights to unwind, to relax, to let loose and to enjoy each others’ company.

Kathy Magri
Kathy is a Metairie native who lives in River Ridge with her husband, Mike, her children, Finn and Nina, and her 3 pups and a cat, Rex, Beau, Hans & Toula. She enjoys double dating with friends on Friday or Saturday nights and brunching with her girlfriends. A lover of all people (particularly babies and children), she is usually volunteering in various organizations and supporting her children in their extracurricular activities. You may catch her reading about World War II or listening to an assortment of music. An avid traveler, she can be found in her parents’ homeland, San Pedro, Belize, enjoying time with family, snorkeling, riding golf carts around town and eating the best food in the world.


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