Mommy Minivan Multi-Tasking

Mommy Minivan Multi-Tasking

I see my preschooler nodding off in the backseat in the Starbucks line. I glance at the clock and notice it’s almost nap time. Oh nap time, how I value you! It’s the time of day where I can unload the dishwasher, fold laundry and catch up on emails. Or … a couple hours to watch something on TV that isn’t Star Wars or Paw Patrol.Minivan

I quickly leave the Starbucks line and the skies have opened up and rain is pouring down in full force. My minivan slowly races down the back streets to my house and pull into my driveway. By this point, my 4 year old is out cold and giving the cutest little snore. The rain is now coming down in sheets and I’m torn on what to do. Bring him inside and have him probably wake up by the rain, or do I try to wait it out? What would you do?

Well, I decided to wait it out. I played on my iPhone for a few minutes and checked the weather tracker on my phone and saw that the rain isn’t stopping any time soon. So what’s a girl to do? I luckily had my computer in my humongous mom bag and whipped out my laptop.

So here I am, sitting in my car and signaling off my home wifi. I have my earbuds in listening to my Pandora and am sprawled out between the front seats of my Mommy Wagon playing on the internet. My son still gets his nap, and I get some quiet time to do some productive things online, everybody wins!

So tell me NOLA moms, what would you have done? Taken the risk in the rain or set up shop in your car to pass along the time in the rain? Are there any other ways you multi-task in your minivan? Tell me in the comments.

Mary is a caffeine addicted boy mom to Noah, Liam and Luke. This “stay at home” mom can typically been found cruising in her minivan, jamming to Beyonce with a Starbucks in hand on her way to carpool or after school activities. Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2007. She is a founder of Delivering Hope NOLA and the Vanessa Wolff Scholarship Fund at her Alma Mater. Mary is passionate in the local preemie community and has been heavily involved with the March of Dimes since her sons Liam and Luke were born premature.


  1. I did this last week. Baby brother asleep in the car 10:15. Had to leavr for preschool pickup in less than hour. No reason to wake that baby up only to load him back in the car. So we sat outside the house in the car and he woke up halfway to preschool an hour later


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