Toddlers Are Going to Toddler So Be Kind to Their Mommas

I have been very fortunate to raise my kids in a village. My boys are often surrounded by a gaggle of toddlers and chaos. It’s so much fun to watch them play with children their age, but there are tears and stolen toys and some pretty epic battles that accompany these play dates.

My village is pure gold.

We love our kids … ALL of OUR kids through these learning opportunities and developmental stages. We watch each other parent sometimes with victories and sometimes with failures. We have watched our kids be the aggressor and the victims. We have each been the parent that has to pack it up early because today just isn’t our kid’s day. And we have all surrounded that kid and that momma with hugs and words of love and encouragement as they depart because we knew we’ve been there or will be there one day soon.

We get that this parenting thing is hard and beautiful all at the same time, and we celebrate and cheer each other on through it all. That has been my experience and I’m so grateful for that.

So I was taken aback at a recent outing when I watched two strangers rumble over a stolen toy between their tiny humans.

I see your frustration mommas. I get it. One of my twins is usually the stealer of toys because he is a serial toy thief BUT he has also only been on this earth for 16 months, so I’m pretty patient with him about this. And I’m right there by him at most outings ready and willing to intervene as he grows and develops so he learns about sharing and taking turns. And my other twin is usually the kid who is stolen from, and I’m right next to him trying to teach him about being more assertive so he learns about sharing and taking turns while also honoring his time.

Toddlers are going to toddler.

See the parents that are loving them through it all. The parents that are right there next to them trying to teach them right and wrong. And maybe just maybe give them a break when their child doesn’t get it right 100% of the time.

I see you New Orleans mommas! The givers of grace. The ones who lift each other up. The ones who are patient with your own children and your neighbors. The ones who love through the tough days and the good. I see you. And you are doing a hell of a job!

Be kind to each other, mommas!

Catherine Karas
Catherine followed her college sweetheart (and now wife) Claire to New Orleans after they both graduated from the University of Georgia. She is a twin mom, a stay at home mom, a boy mom, a Disney mom, and a 2 mom family mom...just to name a few. She throws a mean toddler play date and loves to host small humans in her home for themed out events! She is often planning her next great family adventure, and she is never scared to pack her twins up for a trip solo! Her parenting mantra is "embrace the chaos", and there is plenty of that when raising twin boys! You can follow her family adventures on instagram @krewedekaras


  1. I love this so much! Yes, it’s so easy to forget how little they are. Especially when you’re outnumbered. Needed this so much today. Thank you!


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