New Orleans Be the Change Spotlight :: Introducing Hagar’s House

This month for our “Be the Change Spotlight” we’d like to introduce you to Hagar’s House, an organization committed to its mission to serve as a sanctuary for women and children in a state of crisis in New Orleans by providing an open and empowering residential community, resource coordination and a safe space to transition into permanent housing.

How Hagar’s House got started

Hagar’s House began in November 2007, at the peak of the housing crisis in New Orleans that followed Hurricane Katrina. At that time, four young AmeriCorps volunteers opened and staffed several large rooms in First Grace United Methodist Church as Hagar’s House, a place where women in need of housing found warm meals and shelter.  As they witnessed a continuing need for our services in the city, the church purchased a colorful two-story home that was fully renovated by volunteers and opened in 2009 as Hagar’s House. Hagar’s House is a program of First Grace Community Alliance, along with their sister program Project Ishmael, a pro bono legal program for immigrant children.

What Hagar’s House does

At Hagar’s House, they provide a beautiful, clean, safe place to call home for women, children and those who identify as transgender. Hagar’s House is a safe space regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Residents are offered diverse and holistic programming focused on physical, emotional, and spiritual health and social justice. Each resident also participates in a Capacity Building partnership where they meet weekly with staff to set their own long and short-term goals and determine their own path to success.

How you can support Hagar’s House

The most meaningful way to support their residents is by giving what you are able. They rely heavily on regular, sustained donations from individuals like you to maintain the home as a sanctuary for women and children. Over 35% of the Hagar’s House budget comes from individual donations and approximately 85% of the overall budget goes directly toward programming. You can make support Hagar’s House with a financial donation via their website HERE or an in-kind donation after you reach out to them to confirm.

Learn more about Hagar’s House ::
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