Savor Summer A Bit Longer: Watermelon Cookies

Do you remember those really cool things that you did as a kid only in summer? I can remember doing so many fun things as a child that were unique to summer. My mom would break out the ice cream maker. It was the old school kind with the wooden barrel. It would churn all day and we would have homemade ice cream with dinner.

She would also make homemade popsicles with us in those Tupperware molds. We would do different versions each week. Some would have cut fruit, some would be made from Kool-Aid and others were weird concoctions that you only find delicious if you are a child.

But one of my favorite things we made each summer was watermelon cookies. I loved to do this so much that I have continued to do it each year since I have left home. It is a staple for our Fourth of July festivities each year. I only do it for that to keep it special, but it really is just a fun summer treat.

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Since were are now in August and back-to-school is basically knocking on our door, savor summer just a little bit longer with this recipe.

As a child, what I liked best about it is that there were so many steps that I could participate in. Plus there are several steps to it, so it makes such a fun project last longer!

This was the first year that I made a big fuss over making the cookies and invited my daughter to help me, just like my mom did. It was such a fun day. While she ate way too many chocolate chip cookies, the memories that she left me with from that day can’t be replaced. I am already looking forward to doing them again next year and continuing the summer tradition of the watermelon cookies.

So I am sharing this super simple recipe with you so you can join in. However when you read the ingredient list you will soon learn there is absolutely no watermelon in watermelon cookies.


  • Packaged sugar cookie mix and ingredients to prepare according to the package
  • Red and green food coloring
  • Powdered sugar
  • Chocolate chips
  • Wax paper
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Rolling Pin
  • Circle cookie cutter or a glass cup

cookie coll

Here is how you make them:

Prepare the dough according to the package. I typically use the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix. I also usually make two batches of them at once since they go so fast.

Once the batter is mixed to a dough consistency, add the red food coloring until it becomes your preferred shade of pink.

Then spread some flour out on your counter to prevent the dough from sticking. Roll out the dough on the counter and cut into circles. You will need to roll and re-roll out the dough several times adding more dough as you go until it is all used. You can use a circle cookie cutter or if you don’t have one on hand the rim of a glass cup will work just fine. Around three inches round is the ideal size.

Then take all of the circles you made and cut them in half to make half moon shapes. Place them on an ungreased baking sheet. Press chocolate chips in to the dough. I find it works best if you put the tip side into the dough and leave the rounder, wide part out. These will be your “seeds”. Make sure to not put them too close to where the “rind” will go.

Bake according to the package directions for cut out cookies.

When they are all finished baking, let cool until firm enough to handle. Roll out sheets of wax paper.

In a small and shallow bowl, put a heap of powdered sugar and add just a teaspoon of water until it forms a paste consistency. I have never figured out the science to this in all these years. It is basically a process of adding more sugar and water until it is not too thin. If it is too thin it won’t stick to the cookie.

Add the green food coloring to your desired color. Then start rolling the outer edge of the half moon shape cookies in the food coloring to create your rind. Let them dry on wax paper. Once the icing is dry they are ready to enjoy!


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