10 Clues You Are a Working Mom During Mardi Gras

10 Clues You Are a Working Mom During Mardi Gras

Motherhood is a constant struggle for work-life balance. Family pressures are constant, but what does it look like when you add Carnival season to the mix? Companies tend to be patient around this time in New Orleans and that’s a good thing because it’s pretty obvious when you are a working mother during Mardi Gras.

  1. It feels awkward to put makeup on and not include coarse glitter.
  2. Not to worry, there is plenty of glitter that wouldn’t wash off from last night.
  3. You’re in an early morning meeting, when suddenly you smell fried chicken and exhaust and realize it’s coming from your hair.
  4. You spend your lunch breaks mapping out a plan for how to get four kids from three schools picked up and to the parade route before the roads close.
  5. KleenHanz count as a bath for the kids.
  6. You “locker room change” out of a suit and into gold hot-pants in your company parking garage.
  7. You consider sending a note to school apologizing for the state of your children.
  8. Sleep is non-existent and routines are out-the-window so you double up on concealer and coffee.
  9. You count 17 snacks as dinner and encourage king cake because it’s more filling than suckers.
  10. Your parade schedule is in a fancy spreadsheet with conditional formatting in purple, green and gold.

What gives away that you’re a working mom during Mardi Gras? Share with us in the comments!


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