Top 5 Reasons We Love Living in Lafitte

When I was a junior in high school, I attended Fisher High School in Lafitte for about three months. It was a very short lived part of my high school education and I really enjoyed it. If you would have asked me then if I thought I would ever move back to Louisiana and live in Lafitte / Crown Point area, I would have thought you were out of your mind. Now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s incredible how God orchestrates all those little details into our life, isn’t it?

Why do we love living in Lafitte? Here are our top five reasons:

1.) It has a country feel to it

Since I grew up in Missouri, our closest neighbors were empty fields and trees. I was used to not being right on top of my neighbors there. I can definitely see the benefit of that (hello friends for the kids and borrowing a cup of sugar), but it’s not something I am used to. We briefly moved to Denham Springs for about a year, and I loved that we had a little bit of a backyard and space to roam.

2.) Lower crime rates

Out here in the woods, we don’t have very many bad or scary things happening. One time, there was a body dropped on the side of the road, and we were unable to get home for a few hours, but that only happened once that I can recall. There is obviously still danger in general that we must all be aware of, but that’s going to be pretty much everywhere you go these days.

3) The sense of community

Taking family walks to the ‘back.’ Oh, did I mention that the street that we live on is all family? Tell me, would you move away? This is definitely one of my top reasons that I love it back here. The sense of family and community is the best in my opinion. There is a party in Lafitte for basically everything, just look at Boat Blessing. We can stand at our driveway and watch the kids walk back to their nanny’s house. Game changer, my friends.

4) Freedom to let the kids play outside as much as they want

With the exception of having water on both sides of us, it is really safe for the kids to go out to play. We are able to just keep the doors open so that we can see and hear them. Their pie (godfather) lives down the driveway and their nannies live down the street from us so they just walk on over and visit them whenever they want.

5) No fast food or pizza delivery

Do y’all know how much money I save not buying fast food or ordering pizza? We live too far out for Uber eats and pizza or Chinese delivery, and we have to drive ‘upfront’ to get to stores and such. Fortunately for me, the laziness in me usually wins out and I end up cooking dinner. My husband and I joke that if we ever move ‘upfront,’ we will spend so much more money on food delivery alone. Ha! First world problems.

Everyone loves where they’re living for their own reasons and I think that is great! You have to find where you fit and go with it.

Danielle is married to Ryan and together they have four beautiful babies. They're raising Lexi, Abram, Sutton and Beckham on the bayou in Crown Point. She is a self-proclaimed hot mess, Jesus-loving, homeschooling, Netflix binging, crafting and party planning stay at home mom. Sutton was born with achondroplasia dwarfism so advocating and raising awareness is important to her. Most nights once the kids are asleep you will find her staying up way too late to enjoy the quiet that happens after four kids.


  1. It very much is a small community and neighborhood friends arent as cracked up as you would want it to be. Their friends are each other and that’s the best thing ever, besides coming to see their Nanny G!!! Great blog, Danielle!


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