Making Special Girly Memories: Dresses and Dolls and Tea, Oh My!

Being a girl mom means that you get to do really fun things while letting your inner little girl play. My daughter is into playing with “her people,” as she calls them, doll house, the Melissa & Doug paper dolls and tea party. We also only watch really girly things like Cinderella, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Minnie Mouse. Right now she is into only wearing dresses, and she won’t let me take the bow out of her hair until after she has fallen asleep at night.

I think it is so cute that she is this little bundle of girly-ness. My husband is a really good sport and is doing the best he can to play along. For the most part, he can hang with us.

Annelise enjoying tea at Windsor Court.
Annelise enjoying tea at the Windsor Court.

My daughter LOVES to play tea party. We play it several times a week and always with water in our cups and crackers on our plates. We play it inside, in her outside clubhouse and even at both grandmothers’ houses.

Last year I went with my two God-girls to the Windsor Court Princess Tea. It is a kid-themed and kid-friendly formal tea. I know how much my God-girls loved it, so I could not wait to take Annelise, especially given the fact that she loves tea party so much.

We attended the ballet themed tea, which was the first one in the summer series of kid friendly teas. Although she is two and many of you are thinking that I am crazy for taking her, it was a lot of fun!

Although it was her first tea party with real china, which made me slightly nervous, she was an absolute angel. She enjoyed stirring her tea, which was actually apple juice. She also enjoyed all of the little butters and jams on the table. They use the demitasse spoons with them, which she thought were just her size.

While they do the original tea service for the adults, they do a customized theme for the little ones. They can pick from a list of real teas or substitute milk, juice, etc. They also bring them turkey, cheese and peanut butter sandwiches for starters. They do traditional scones as the second course, and they finish it off with a kid-friendly dessert spread.

I loved that we made a big deal about it and fussed over it so she knew just how special this was. Since it was the ballet tea and it was just a couple of days after her first dance review it was the perfect way to celebrate her dancing success by doing something she loved: a tea party.

Tasty treats at the Ballet Tea.
Tasty treats at the Ballet Tea.

I really enjoy doing things like this with her. Although it makes memories more so for me right now since she is so little, she appreciates the specialness of doing something not so every day like tea at the Windsor Court. I hope that we will always do special mother/daughter bonding things like this regardless of her age or hobbies. It is the memories that she will take with her as she gets older. I want those memories to be filled with happy times and wonderful experiences and not let the everyday hustle and bustle get us too busy to do fun things with her.

I have already made reservations to go back with her as well as my God-girls for the July Princess Tea series. I can’t wait to see the three of them enjoying afternoon tea.

If you are interested in attending I recommend calling early, as there are two seatings a day with limited availability. Also, just a tip if you plan on attending the Princess Tea: there were quite a few girls last year dressed up in princess costumes. I didn’t get the memo last year, but I will be sure to dress my girls accordingly this year. After all. if they are going to be princesses for the day, they need to dress appropriately!


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