Help! I’m a Smockaholic…

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, here goes … I have a problem! I am addicted to smocked clothing.

You may be thinking, “Hmmm … I think I suffer from the same affliction, but how do I know when it is a full blown addiction?”

At first, you will not. You will make excuses like, “every child needs a smocked fishy bubble in case we venture down to the Aquarium.” You will think nothing of creating an event so that your little one can re-wear his or her holiday attire. For instance, you might just host an Olympic opening ceremonies party so that your baby can re-wear her Fourth of July bubble.


You will tell yourself that it is perfectly normal to buy 25 smocked Christmas outfits so that baby can celebrate each day of the holiday season, or that leaving work early to ensure that you have the perfect Black and Gold day attire for baby’s first Saints game is what any good mother would do.

Jane in Zucchini dress from Little Miss Muffin

There will come a moment, though, that you find yourself fresh out of excuses and face to face with your bad habit. For me, this moment came at a lovely weeknight meal I was enjoying with a friend somewhere between the cheese plate and the daily special. I heard the muted sound of a cell phone, “dah, dah-dah-dah, dah, dah-dah-dah, dah, dah-dah-dah, dahhh….”  I remember commenting, “answer your dang phone” into the air as though it would reach the ears of the offender.

I found that, as the familiar tone sounded, it seemed to be coming from somewhere close by. It couldn’t be me, right?!? My phone was on silent. I fished it out of my over-sized and over-stuffed bag to find that I was the one! It was my alarm going off at exactly 8:00 pm. How could that be? I would never set my alarm in the evening, and I have to be at work at 8:00 am, so it couldn’t be that I accidentally set it for pm.

How did I get myself into this alarming situation? And then it hit me … the Stitched and Smocked summer sale was starting, and I was in no place to bid on anything. HELP!!! I looked at my friend and desperately tried to explain how important this sale was. Only, as I heard myself explaining the need for my alarm and my sense of urgency in purchasing the crayon bishop that Jane could wear to her first day at St. George’s (in November), I realized it. I have an illness. I am a smockaholic!

I have found that, sadly, there is no cure. But there is safety in numbers. Six of the nine NOMB moms openly admitted to their own smocked clothing addiction. Here’s a montage of our little ones sporting their finest in smocked attire.

From left to right: Linzy’s Annelise, My Baby Jane (large center photo by Little Fish Photography and in Stitched and Smocked), Janie’s Camille, Courtney’s Jack, Ashley’s Thatcher last Halloween, Courtney’s Cora (Photo by Little Fish Photography) and Elizabeth’s Addison

The good news is that if, after reading this, you’ve self-diagnosed yourself a smockaholic, you don’t have to fear that you’ll have to forego your retirement to accommodate your habit.  I have found amazing (and I mean AMAZING) deals on Facebook sites. There are also wonderful consignment options out there if you’re interested in exploring your bargaining skills.  If you’re willing to buy ahead, you can always find great deals at most of the stores in town for the season that has just passed.

 Here is a list of fabulous smocking vendors that the New Orleans Moms Blog team put together…


Smocked Threads by Cecil and Lou

Smockadot Kids

Ragsland (Baton Rouge, LA)

Remember Nguyen (Mandeville, LA) You can sign up for their emails notifying you of their sales.  I once ordered 12 pieces for less than $125!

Smocktions (New Orleans, LA)

Smocked Auctions (Items go fast, so you’ll need to be prepared)

Smocking Hot Mamas  (Great facebook based consignment shopping)

Smocked by Stelly Belly 

The Little Crane (owned by former NOLA girls)

Brick and Mortar (For Those Times When You Have to Get Your Fix ASAP):

Orient Expressed (New Orleans, LA) (Jane’s Christmas dress will without a doubt be coming from here.)

Pippen Lane (New Orleans, LA) (Beautiful store with a 75% summer sale going on now.)

Little Miss Muffin (New Orleans, LA and Metairie, LA)

Banbury Cross (Metairie, LA and Baton Rouge, LA) (They have a huge selection which included heirloom items. Their twice annual tent sale is a must attend!)

Itsy Bitsy Me (Metairie, LA)

Me-Me’s (Metairie, LA at Clearview Shopping Center)

Pickleberry (Metairie, LA)

All About Baby (Covington, LA)

Silver Plum (Mandeville, LA)

Are you a smockaholic? What is your favorite web-based brand? What is your favorite brick and mortar store?


  1. What I love most about smocked dresses in the bishop style…is NO COLLAR. No collar to ride up and get in the way and ruin a good photo. Just the perfect neckline to highlite baby’s precious face.

  2. I just love, love, love dressing babies like babies. My theory is that there is plenty of time for them to wear denim and “big kid” clothes later in life, but I just adore the look of a precious little baby in soft, smocked clothes.

  3. Jen, I am right there with you…I, like so many, grew up in smocked dresses and was all too eager to dress my girls in smocked as well. Brick and mortar, Orient Expressed and Banbury Cross are my favs. I shop Ebay to support our smocked collection, which is supplemented with anything gingham, seersucker, monogrammed, or appliqué.

  4. I can’t say I buy them online! But I love ME ME’S on veterans blvd and clearview in the mall!!!! I’m a smockaholic and they have adorable pieces!!

    • I’m also a smockaholic. My favorite store is shop is Pickleberry Boutique.I think their clothes are unique and they definitely have great prices.


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