Introducing Two New Moms Groups :: NOMB Special Needs Moms Group and Houma/Thibodaux Community Group

We are so pleased with the response we received since launching our Community Neighborhood Groups in February! It has been amazing to see local moms connect with each other and use one  another as resources to navigate our fabulous city.

Neighborhood-PintrestRecently Michelle Roberie, a single mom of three living in Kenner reached out to us. She has a teenager and Irish Twin toddlers who have all been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. While the Community Neighborhood Groups have been a great resource for her, she suggested that we create a group for Special Needs Moms. We couldn’t be happier that she contacted us and would like to introduce the New Orleans Moms Blog Special Needs Moms Group!

Michelle has graciously volunteered to be the Mombassador for the group, leading the charge on organizing play dates and get-togethers. She is looking forward to being part of a group for parents who have children with special needs, or have different needs themselves. “I know all too well the challenges, frustrations, and joy of raising these amazing kids,” said Michelle. “I’m hoping this will be a positive, open forum to vent, share resources, meet new friends, and spread awareness. The main focus is to help put a smile on our faces when we need it most.”

In addition to the Special Needs Moms Group, we have created a neighborhood group for moms in Houma and Thibodaux. We cannot express how humbled we are by how many fabulous moms in the New Orleans area have enthusiastically joined our groups and are excited to see how our communities continue to grow!

Marie is the owner of Little Hometown, a company specializing in locally themed baby swaddles and apparel. Prior to opening her business, Marie was a professional event planner turned stay-at-home mom. She spent nearly a decade living in New York City, where she met her husband, Jeff (a New England native). Early in their relationship, Marie told Jeff that New Orleans is the only place where she would want to raise her children. As soon as she got pregnant, they started shopping for houses. They moved back in December of 2012, welcomed their son in 2013 and their daughter in 2015. Marie now spends her days entertaining her kids with silly songs, desperately attempting to stay organized, and balance her life as a work-at-home mom.


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