Tips for Surviving Summer with Toddlers as a SAHM

SURVIVINGSUMMER We are almost two weeks into this summer thing, and so far, I am loving it. I have a three year old and a two year old, both boys. I can hardly believe I am having such a blast. Seriously, mom confession: last summer was so hard. Like, overwhelming, counting-down-the-days hard. I know some of that was because of my miscarriage and some of it was that my children were younger. Regardless, I am fairly confident that the difference lies with me – my attitude, my appreciation for the blessings I have, and most importantly, my strategy. Although we aren’t too far into this thing, I think the plan I set into motion is working to keep us all happy for the duration. I am embarrassed to admit that last summer, the television was pretty much my plan. That’s not to say that the TV isn’t getting its fair share of attention this summer, but see below for what else we are doing. Coming up with a quasi-schedule is what has worked for us. My children go nine months with routine and structure, and they thrive in that environment. Summer is meant to be fun, but having some predictability and consistency makes my children happy and thus pleasant.

Join a gym

Or more accurately, one that has complimentary childcare. I am focused on living a healthier lifestyle. The fact that I can work towards that goal while my children are being taken care of, I think that’s what they call a “win-win.” My children get the social interaction they crave, and I get a generous dose of endorphins and alone time. We head to the gym after everyone is up and dressed, and I have time to myself for 1-2 hours every morning. It. Is. Glorious. You don’t even have to work out; you can lounge by the pool, knock out some summer reading, or just enjoy the alone time.

Get active with the kids

Befriend someone who has a swimming pool, join a club, or better yet, join a gym that has a pool. My kids are always so excited to go to the gym childcare because they know that good behavior there earns them an hour of swimming time with mom. I am sure the Vitamin D helps, but we are all smiling and laughing and genuinely enjoying each other when we are at the pool. If we don’t swim, we go for a walk in the neighborhood or they ride their bikes. My boys would live on the playground if I let them so physical activity is a must in this house. Added benefit: it ensures early bedtime.

Go shopping

Sounds fun right? Unfortunately, I am talking about creating a miniature classroom within your house. Keep honing those skills that foster toddler development. The good great news is you can get everything at Hobby Lobby and Target. Isn’t that every mom’s holy land? No? Just me? Anyway, with enough diversity you can stimulate their minds and pass the time. I would purchase the following:SURVIVINGSUMMER2

  1. Board Games {Memory, Candy Land, Hungry, Hungry Hippos}
  2. Fine Motor Skill aids {multicolored pom-poms, beads, pipe cleaner, children’s scissors, clothes pins, play dough}
  3. Arts and Crafts {stickers, washable paint, drawing pads, coloring books, crayons, washable markers, stickers}
  4. Educational aids {google and download free printable alphabet tracing worksheets, flash cards, books}

Plan field trips

My kids get pretty excited about going to play at “Old McDonalds” (that would be McDonalds, aka the Golden Arches). So it can obviously be pretty simple. Our plan is to go on a field trip every week including the Audubon Zoo, The Aquarium & Insectarium, Global Wildlife, Chuck E Cheese, the movies, and Fontainebleau State Park. There are so many more options.

I have already put my husband on notice that the house will be messier than usual. Time is flying and you all know the saying “babies don’t keep.” So my laundry can pile up, the dishes can sit in the sink longer, and their toys can stay out overnight because I will be too busy splashing in the pool, coloring spiderman coloring books, and finding new places to hang their painting masterpieces.

How do you survive the summer? What else would you add to this list?


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