Halloween 2019 :: Snack and Shop at Lakeside Shopping Center {Recap}

Disclosure :: Our Third Halloween Event was sponsored by Lakeside Shopping Center, Bryan Subaru, Bambino Sitters and St. Martin’s Episcopal School. The title sponsors answered all of our emails and calls quickly and with grace and met with us in person on numerous occasions. It’s always a pleasure to plan events alongside professional and gracious hosts. 

Title Sponsors

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Lakeside Shopping CenterSt. Martin’s Episcopal School, Bambino Sitters and Bryan Subaru. Our title sponsors were gracious and accommodating at every corner. Lakeside Shopping Center is truly a shopping destination, and our writers agree it is the best shopping mall in southeast Louisiana.

Our events would not be possible without the sponsorship of the aforementioned local businesses. An indoor trick or treat experience would not have happened without them. From our team and the 1600+ guests in attendance, “THANK YOU!”

Halloween :: Snack, Sip, and Shop Recap

Our event on Sunday, October 13th was another hit! Each costume was adorable, and we loved seeing all of the family and group costumes.

We want to thank all of you for spending your Sunday morning with us and getting into the theme of the event. We were truly blown away by the creativity in your costumes. It is humbling to see how many of you came ready to have fun with us, and we were all truly excited to se you. To be able to host fun events for the entire family is part of why we do what we do, and it is what makes us a true local parenting resource for New Orleans and the surrounding areas. We strive to provide you with the highest quality events possible and continue to be humbled by your response to our efforts. Thank you for coming and for getting into the spirit.

Table Sponsors

Building community goes beyond getting to know your neighbors. It’s also about supporting and getting to know your locally owned and operated businesses. Our events provide a convenient setting for consumers and businesses to interact and learn about each other. We cannot say enough about the local businesses owners who showed up early on a Sunday morning ready to meet all of your families. These businesses truly got into the spirit and warmly greeted all of our guests to share their products and services with you all. We thank each and every one of them for not only showing up but for being engaging and noticeably excited to meet our guests. It was a wonderful morning.

VIP Ticket Sponsors

We want to give a huge shout out to our VIP Sponsors for pampering our families!

Food and Beverage Sponsors

We hope you all came hungry! Our food and beverage section provided something for everyone. Whether you were looking for something sweet or salty, spicy or fresh, you were guaranteed to satisfy your craving. From bread pudding to gumbo, cupcakes to scallops, coffee to smoothies: we hope you left with full bellies. We spent the morning tasting some of the very best culinary options from NOLA’s finest restaurants.


Our hearts are once again touched by the outpouring of support on WEEN DREAM (an all-volunteer, New Orleans-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives free Halloween costumes to children in need, including those with serious medical conditions or special needs, kids living at shelters or in poverty, and kids who have experienced a recent natural disaster). The amount of costumes they received was humbling, and we love your generosity. For each costume our guests donated, they received a raffle ticket to enter an amazing giveaway from the following sponsors.

Swag Sponsors

We’d like to thank ALL these generous sponsors for providing incredible swag!

Graphic Design

All New Orleans Moms events have professionally designed and printed programs to help you navigate the fun that is organized, remember the brands that you loved, and also score some awesome details. We appreciate our program sponsors for helping to produce our family-friendly events in New Orleans!


We’d love to send a special THANK YOU to the amazing photographers who captured this event in such detail. If you were at the event, have fun spotting your family in the albums. If you missed the event and are wondering what all the buzz is about, LOOK!

Photographs via the lens of Loan Tran Photography

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