Alison Ruckert

Alison Ruckert
Alison was born and raised in New Orleans. After 7 years in north Louisiana for college and her first years of teaching, she returned home, and now lives in Metairie with her husband, two daughters, and dog. She has spent the past 16 years teaching high school English and Speech. When not at school, she enjoys weekend and summer break days with her family, including her two strong-will, high-spirited daughters who keep life interesting and moving at all times. She cannot survive a day without coffee and will drop everything if you ask her to join you at PJ's or go have chips and salsa. Watching her kids grow up with family and friends close by and in the city she loves so much is the greatest thing she could ask for.
I Don't Ask My Kids "How Was Your Day?"

I Don’t Ask My Kids “How Was Your Day?”

I Don't Ask My Kids "How Was Your Day?" My oldest wakes up talking and is only silent when she is sleeping, so conversation isn't short in our house. But, my Monday-Friday is spent with...

Phenomenal Woman, That’s You! (Hey, Moms. You’re Amazing)

Phenomenal Woman, That's You! (Hey, Moms. You're Amazing) Phenomenal: very remarkable; extraordinary (syn: remarkable, unparalleled, astonishing, rare, brilliant) I'm a high school English teacher. Recently, my students and I read Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman" and discussed...

Let Them Be Weird: Letting Our Kids Be Themselves

Let Them Be Weird: Letting Our Kids Be Themselves Anyone who is parenting or has parented toddlers knows the feeling of seeing your kid do something really weird and feeling embarrassed that people are watching....