Top 10 Things Moms Miss The Most About College

Today, I was having a conversation with a friend that went something like this….

Friend :: Should I have a scavenger hunt at my daughter’s birthday party?
Me :: In college, scavenger hunts were considered hazing. We couldn’t even say the word without getting in trouble.
Friend :: I miss college though. Parties, late night studying, going to class having not been to sleep yet.
Me :: No kidding. We had so much fun. I miss college too. Now we’re still going to parties, but of the 3 year old variety.

college featured imageThat led me to think why not do a post on the things we miss about college? So I sent a text to all of the women I know asking what three things they missed most about college. Not all of the women I sent this text to went to college with me. In fact, I didn’t even know some of them when I was in college. Some went to other colleges. Some were my age, some were older, some were younger.

What ended up happening was something I didn’t anticipate.

Each person responded with their three things, but every single one of them had something in common in their list.

Read on to see what the top ten responses were, as well as what the one thing was that every person included in their list.

10. Sleeping Late

Gone are the days of sleeping until noon and waking up in just enough time to make your 1PM class. Now, sleeping late means you actually stay in bed until 8AM, and if you do that without a kid in the bed, you really feel accomplished!

9. Setting Your Own Schedule

Of course, you could sleep until noon and have a 1PM class because YOU made your own schedule. Only 2 days a week this semester, and you’ll have Monday/Wednesday/Friday off! Can you imagine telling your boss now that you’d like to work only on Tuesday and Thursday? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

8. Guilt Free Eating

Remember Taco Bell and Waffle House at 3AM? Pizza or fast food for dinner 3 nights a week? Yeah well….I think I just gained 5 pounds by simply typing those words.

7. Parties

There is no party like a college party, and I’ll leave it at that. Now, you do still go to parties as a mom. You have one, no wait, 6 of them EVERY weekend!

6. Hangover Recovery Time

Speaking of parties … In college, hangover recovery time was that one hour the next morning that you felt like skipping class, but remembered you couldn’t. There was a test. Wait, a test? Crap! You better study. Today, hangover recovery time means you need three full days of rest, lots of headache meds, an ice pack, and of course, a babysitter.

5. Football Games/Tailgating

Enough said. My only question is … how many of you made it to the actual game then?

4. Sex Drive

Hmmmm … you know that saying that you always want something more when you can’t have it or aren’t supposed to do it? Now, you’re a married mom. What’s sex drive? Or better yet …what’s sex? I refer you back here.

3. Less Financial Worries

My husband always tells the story about leaving his apartment to go out with only $5.00 in his pocket. He went home with $4.00, still had a drink in his hand all night and suffered from #6 on this list the next morning. How did you do that?

2. Freedom

Speaking of worries…Do you remember that feeling of coming and going when you wanted? Answering to no one? Many of those that responded described it as simply “being carefree.” One person said, “I love my children and husband and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but I miss being only responsible for me.”

And the number 1 thing that every person listed in some way, shape or form was by far…College Friend pic

1. Friendship

The very first response I received was: “What I miss about college is you of course.” That one message spoke volumes to me. And, as the others began to respond, they were saying the same thing:

“I miss girl time.”
“I miss being silly with friends.”
“I miss my roommate.”
“I miss my sorority sisters.”

You miss that special bond that you can only have with your girlfriends during that very short, but very special phase of life. Sure, you still have those friends and many others, but it just isn’t the same and probably never will be. Can you picture yourself calling your bestie at 3AM tonight to tell her about the guy you just met? Not only would she want to kill you, but so would her kids and husband!

College is such a unique time in our lives, a time when not only are we determining the course of our future, but we’re discovering who we are as people, what we believe, and how this crazy world really does exist. It’s a time when we are carefree, a little reckless, but, for the most part, a lot of happy!

What are things you miss most about college? What things do you miss most about your college friends?


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