Stuffed Saran Wrap Ball :: The Best Party Game Ever!

Stuffed Saran Wrap Ball :: The Best Party Game Ever!

If you are looking for easy entertainment at your next birthday party, family gathering or holiday event, I have the perfect solution for you … a stuffed saran wrap ball where players work against the clock in hopes of securing the coveted prizes from inside the ball! This game works on absolutely any budget and is universally loved by all who play. I’ve enjoyed this game with adults on New Year’s Eve, as well as witnessed 6 year old kids squeal with joy while playing. It’s truly a crowd pleaser and very simple to implement.

Before I go any further, let me be very clear that I did NOT invent this game. If I knew who invented this brilliance I’d provide proper credit, but in the meantime I am here to spread the party game cheer.

Tips From a Stuffed Saran Wrap Ball Addict

The stuffed saran wrap ball game truly works well in a variety of contexts. That said, be sure that you have time designated to play at your event, as it can take a while to get through the game depending on the ages of the players. Also, be sure to consider your audience in advance. For example, the items you’d include in this game for a bachelorette party are obviously very different than a 10-year-old’s birthday. The game tends to work best with no more than 8-10 players, but technically there is no limit. Depending on your budget, I recommend allocating roughly 3-4 “prizes” per player, so if you anticipate that 10 people will be playing, I recommend at least 40 “prizes.” Of course, you can add more or less, but that’s a good estimate as you make your stuffed saran wrap ball.

Suggestions for prizes depend not only on your budget but also your players. For a tween girl birthday party, include things like nail polish, chapstick, scrunchies, water bottle stickers, $5 Starbucks cards, notepads, fuzzy socks, etc. If you are playing with adults, airplane bottles of liquor, restaurant gift cards, snacks, chewing gum, lotto tickets and anything else you love or simply find amusing can be included. I recommend shopping at places like Dollar Tree, Five Below, Big Lots, etc in order to find a variety of items to include. Be sure to look for items that are packaged together but can be opened and separated (such as a 10 pack of bath bombs or chapsticks, for example).

What You Need to Make a Stuffed Saran Wrap Ball

  • a copious amount of saran wrap (I personally rather enjoy the obnoxious bulk size roll at Costco which lasts literal years even if you’re a frequent saran wrap ball creator)
  • enough “prizes” for your players (budget 3-4 prizes per player)
  • dice

How to Make the Stuffed Saran Wrap Ball

After shopping for the prizes, lay them all out on a flat surface so you can easily see what you’re working with. I highly recommend placing the “biggest” prize (in value and/or size) at the center of the ball. Depending on your budget, this may be a fantastic gift card or something like fuzzy pajama bottoms (always a hit with kids). Wrap the item tightly with saran wrap, several times around. Then, place another prize on top of the wrapped prize and repeat. I strongly recommend reversing the direction that you wrap, meaning that each layer should start from a different direction than the one prior. The tighter the ball, the better … so you may want a “helper” to hold a prize in place while you wrap. The ball will quickly expand in size, often ending up 18 inches in diameter (or more)!

How to Play

  1. All players should sit in a circle, ideally on the ground. Pick someone to start with the ball.
  2. The player to the LEFT of the saran wrap ball holder will roll the dice repeatedly andstuffed saran wrap ball game quickly until hitting doubles. When the dice roller hits doubles, they should yell “doubles” and steal the saran wrap ball.
  3. The player HOLDING the saran wrap ball is working to unravel the ball. The rules are simple at my house. You may not rip, claw, break or bust through the saran wrap. You MUST find the honest end of the saran wrap and unroll it legitimately. Any prize(s) that falls out while you have it in your possession is yours to keep.
  4. If a player hits doubles while the saran wrap ball holder is unwrapping, the ball MUST be passed immediately. That means the dice roller may end up with a prize that the previous player was in the process of finding.
  5. At the end, when the whole ball is unraveled, players can trade prizes if they want … but it is not required! Some players may end up with more than others, and that’s just the nature of the game.

That’s it! I promise that it is always fun and endlessly entertaining. Be sure to explain to young children that there are plenty of prizes for everyone, and consider having special consolation prizes like gum on hand “just in case.” 99% of the time, though, everyone lands at least 1-2 prizes!

Have you played before? What variations do you add?

Ashley Angelico
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