What I Can’t Do; What I Can

I can’t protect you from the broken world we live in. There is suffering; there is cruelty; there is searing disparity; there is grief. I wish you didn’t have to know any of this existed, but you will learn and you may know it all too well.

October.25.2015 012But, I can hold you when you are sick, press pause, kiss your head and just be, so that you know what it means to feel safe and protected.

I can get up every day and try to model kindness and compassion, endeavor to show only empathy and love.

I can choose optimism no matter what and help you to notice the beauty that is always around you – in nature, in people, in you.

July.5.2015 044I can’t promise the world will always love you or be kind to you. I may have to watch you hurt. I will undoubtedly watch you fail at some point.

But, I can promise to love you for every bit of uniqueness that makes you you.

I can model hard work, persistence, and resilience.

I can offer you strong, consistent, loving arms to always come home to.

August.27.2015 018I can’t control what your life presents. It may be sickness, it may be challenge.

But, I can show you that no one thing ever need define you, that tomorrow always is a new day, and that hope is powerful.

I can’t assure you you’ll be smart, successful, or sexy.

But, I can show you through my tone of voice, my attention, and my presence that you are worthy of respect and so special.

I can be a mirror to you so that you see yourself as I see you, so precious, so beautiful, so loved.

I can’t promise you a perfect life.

I can promise that because of you, I now know what perfect is.


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