Peeing Alone {And Other Things We Took For Granted Before Kids}

I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. My kids have completed me in a way I didn’t think possible. I’m not saying I want to go back to my pre-kid life, but if I could, I would be sure to not take the following things for granted:

Getting in and out of the car in a matter of seconds instead of minutes. All the shuffling of kids in and out of car seats. All the baby gear turned toddler toys. Since I’ve had kids, I have to walk out my door at least five minutes before I need to leave in order to get somewhere on time-ish. Speaking of being on time…

Not being late to everything, all the time. I used to be rather punctual. These days, not so much. I swear I try. I plan and I prep and I set my clock 10 minutes fast, but someone always has to poop, or get hurt, or spill something on me just before we leave.

Uninterrupted showers. If there was any interruption in the shower before we had kids, it would be the good kind of interruption. Now, it’s because someone pulled someone’s hair, or took someone’s toy, or something. Or nothing.

Not having to use the words “Date Night.” Why? Because any night could be date night! No sitters had to be called, no extra fifty to a hundred dollars to be allocated for said sitter, and there certainly wasn’t a worry your kid might throw up causing you to miss your husband’s 30th birthday party (true story). Nope. We could just get up and go with a moment’s notice.

Leftovers. It was so easy to pack leftovers for lunch at work. Now that all of my kids eat like regular people, we have little to no leftovers in the house. I guess the bright side is I don’t have to throw stuff out the way I did in my pre-kid life.

A clean house. Sure, my house gets clean, but it never gets clean. My standards for acceptable living conditions have gone down significantly in the last five years. The only people I don’t fret about coming over unannounced: other moms.

Things we took for granted before kids


What are some things that you took for granted before you had children?

Myndee is a 35ish year old New Orleans area native. She's an author, speaker and self-love advocate. As an introverted extrovert, Myndee loves being part of the generation where most of her friends live in her computer. She and her husband, Luis, live just outside the city with their three kids.



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