Alison Zeringue


Is the Gender Pay Gap Really A Motherhood Pay Gap?

Last year, women in the United States earned 80 cents on average for every dollar a man earned. And sadly, Louisiana’s gender wage gap remains one of the worst in the country. Lawmakers recently...

6 Reasons Why I’m Not Finding Out My Baby’s Gender … Again

You’re 20 weeks pregnant, laying there in a dimly lit room with that warm goop on your belly, watching in awe as the growing creature inside finally looks like a real baby and not...

Support A Grieving Friend :: 5 Practical Ways You Can Actually Help

My first year of motherhood happened to coincide with the most difficult year of my life so far. My family and people I love dearly suffered an immense, immeasurable and completely unexpected loss. My...
Baby and Mother Holding Hands at Birth

Birth Plans & Maternal Health :: When Nothing Goes According to Birth Plan

I thought I had a flexible birth plan. The only thing inflexible was I did NOT want to have a C-section. No disrespect to the C-section mamas out there, stick with me and I’ll...

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