Alison Zeringue


Dear St. Matthew’s, You Owe Us An Explanation

Dear St. Matthew's, You Owe Us An Explanation In the cover of night on February 4, 2021, members of the St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church Governance board posted signs at the Early Learning Center entrances...

Is the Gender Pay Gap Really A Motherhood Pay Gap?

Last year, women in the United States earned 80 cents on average for every dollar a man earned. And sadly, Louisiana’s gender wage gap remains one of the worst in the country. Lawmakers recently...

6 Reasons Why I’m Not Finding Out My Baby’s Gender … Again

You’re 20 weeks pregnant, laying there in a dimly lit room with that warm goop on your belly, watching in awe as the growing creature inside finally looks like a real baby and not...

Support A Grieving Friend :: 5 Practical Ways You Can Actually Help

My first year of motherhood happened to coincide with the most difficult year of my life so far. My family and people I love dearly suffered an immense, immeasurable and completely unexpected loss. My...
Baby and Mother Holding Hands at Birth

Birth Plans & Maternal Health :: When Nothing Goes According to Birth Plan

I thought I had a flexible birth plan. The only thing inflexible was I did NOT want to have a C-section. No disrespect to the C-section mamas out there, stick with me and I’ll...