Do none of your New Orleans friends have children the same age as yours? Or have you been wanting to try the new indoor play space in your neighborhood but all of your friends with kids work?

Are you a working mom who wants to arrange playdates for her children on the weekend, but all of the playgroups in your area meet during the work week?

Are you new to the New Orleans area and looking for recommendations for pediatricians, schools, or family-friendly activities in your area?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or even if you didn’t), we have exciting news for you! New Orleans Mom is thrilled to introduce our Community Neighborhood Groups. The primary goal of these groups is to connect moms online, as well as offline, through playdates and events. New Orleans is a big city, y’all. And we want to make it feel a little smaller by creating neighborhood playgroups! Whether you’re a new mom, new to the city, or just want to meet new friends, our monthly meet-ups will be the perfect way to connect with moms in your area.

We currently have multiple, active New Orleans neighborhood groups available for New Orleans moms to join. Don’t see your neighborhood? Just click on your neighborhood and ask to join the group!

From there, let the fun begin!

Current New Orleans Mom Neighborhood Groups:

Current Special Interest Groups:

In addition to our Neighborhood groups, we have also added ten Special Interest groups.We hope these will be positive, open forums to vent, share resources, and meet new friends.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your New Orleans kids to make new friends and connections in our community!

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  1. May you join more than one group? I live in the French Quarter, but I grew up in Uptown. A lot of my mom friends live there and I frequent the Uptown area just as much as I do the FQ.

    • Hi Megan, I wish there were, but Facebook will not allow access to any group without a Facebook account. We do hope you’ll join us though!!

  2. This has been such an awesome resource! I’m moving to NOLA in August with my 3 year old daughter and I’m so glad this blog exists. I’ll definitely post my questions on other pages, but as for right now THANK YOU!!!!


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