The Year in Review: How Will YOU Maximize 2014?

It’s that time of year once again. As December drew to a close and a new year started, I found myself, like most, thinking “Where has the year gone?” It is also a time to start reflecting on the new year ahead, the opportunity to start fresh once again, focus on the good, learn from life’s experiences and hope for a happy, healthy and prosperous year. From finances, to using our time wisely, to making changes to ourselves or our family habits, there is no better time than now to reflect on what we have learned this past year to make 2014 even better.


Give back to the community and teach children the value of helping others, whether it is donating supplies, your talent or time to other families. For example, check out our local Ronald McDonald House right on Canal Street.

Get Financially Fit.

Start preparing financially for your child’s education, consider frugal living habits including playing tourist in our own hometown on a budget and shopping on a budget for our children’s clothes.

Rekindle our relationships.

Whether it is with our spouse, family (including grandparents) or friends, both close and far away, there is no time than now to reach out via technology, like FaceTime, to update loved ones and keep them “close.”

small sweets sipsTake care of yourself.

Raising a family is taxing on even the best multi-tasker. We need to remind ourselves to take care of our body and soul. Consider rejuvenating your spirits with a makeover, a stay-cation, a wardrobe revamp, hair extensions, plastic surgery, making time with friends, Barre3 classes, Akashic Reiki, meeting new mommy friends … and maybe a Brazilian wax. Meet other mommies at our upcoming Moms Night Out on February 12, 2014 at Pearl Wine Co, from 6:30-9:00, Sweets, Sips, & Style Tips.

Family dinners.

Create family meals to provide more family time around the dinner table and healthier options, including the addition of vegetables and salubrious dishes, exercising, including exercise routines as a busy mom, and weight loss options. Also, enjoy more time enjoying one another in a kid friendly establishment.


Find new hobbies, adventures and creative outlets for the kids, like art, music, reading, learning a second language, gardening, and keep existing activities on target.

Home Makeover.

Consider upcycling and remodeling your furniture and even an addition or renovation of your home for 2014.

Follow your NOLA.

Brush up on New Orleans lingo, traditions and history. Never forget how far this city has come either.

IMG_2977[1]Consider more “blessings.”

Is your family complete? Considering an addition to the family . . . or not. Reevaluate your working status in or outside of the home. Treasure your kids’ keepsake and use Instagram to treasure those pictures. Consider learning or teaching your child a second language. Collect these written “blessings” on colorful paper and into a mason jar throughout the year, as shown by Heather, at Palm Tree Playground. (Stop by for a visit and crafts the first Tuesday of the month during Mommy and Me times.)

Start new family traditions.

New Orleans is filled with year long celebrations. Why not consider family outings in conjunction with events held throughout the year, including Jazz Fest, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and throughout the winter holidays. Or, perhaps, a family road trip to the beach, a cruise, camping or one across the ocean.

How will YOU Maximize 2014?


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