That Time McDonald’s Saved Our Day With Cuties

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by McDonald’s. Cuties® is a registered trademark of Sun Pacific. 

That Time McDonald’s Saved Our Day With Cuties

We spent our morning playing our hearts out at New Orleans City Park. All four kids are dirty, sweaty and just plain worn out. They ate every single snack I packed for them and were up against afternoon downtime. The ride home isn’t pleasant as everyone is fussy and ready to eat lunch. Up ahead, I see a McDonald’s Restaurant. I begin to consider my timeline: I need to hurry home, get everyone changed and prepare lunch, hopefully before melt-downs commence. As we pass, I notice a sign that says “Cuties® are in Season” and realize I could kill two birds with one stone. I can get the kids fed and settled down quickly while helping to teach them to make balanced food and beverage choices when eating on-the-go.

We pull up to the drive-thru (no-one has to get out of the car – score!) and I give them their options. Number one orders a hamburger with low-fat white milk. Number two orders a Happy Meal with a kids size fries, a Cutie® and a 100% Minute Maid Apple juice box. Number three gets the same. Number four gets a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal with a kids size fries, a Yoplait Go-GURT low-fat strawberry yogurt, and water. The Chicken McNuggets are made with 100% white meat chicken, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The best part – it’s only $2.99 for each Happy meal (including fruit, low-fat dairy and a toy). The kids are ecstatic that they got to eat at “McDonald’s” – a real treat – and I’m laughing thinking I’m the real winner here.

We get home. Everyone uses the restroom, washes their hands and we sit down to eat. I actually get to sit down with them for once since everything is right there in front of us. I peel the Cuties® and am grateful for the excellent source of vitamin-C. As we eat, I just realized I scored AGAIN because there aren’t any dishes to wash. 15 minutes later, the kids are watching a movie and I’m staring down 3 baskets of un-folded laundry. As I fold what seems like 200 towels, I reflect on our day. It was fun, but hectic, like life with children tends to be. I made the decision to drive-through a fast food restaurant today and unexpectedly, I don’t feel guilty about it (you know, that ever-present mom-guilt??). My children made good food choices thanks to McDonald’s nutrition-minded options. After this laundry, I might even have time to read a chapter or two in that book I’ve been waiting to open since the holidays. Seriously, could this day get any better?

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Tara Rosenkranz
Tara is a mom of four and lives in Metairie with her husband, kids, dog, birds and turtle. When she's not at home with her circus, she's at work or taxiing children around the city. Her favorite holiday is Mardi Gras. Tara loves to read, drink KranzCoffee and eat Double Stuff Oreos.


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