If Women Ruled The World

Anything you can do I can do better…

I’ve often wondered how better to multi-task … an extra set of hands? A robot version of myself? Or even better, a clone? Then I could prepare dinner while picking up my kids. Plan a birthday party while putting them to sleep. Fold the laundry while bathing them. Not that my husband isn’t helpful, but any of those options may fare better than having a MAN do the job. I realize that is a controversial statement. And in no way do I mean to offend the male species. The truth is, in a lot of instances, a woman can do it better. I sometimes daydream of the ways the world would be better if women ruled it.

Food is everything

For starters, everyone would be fed. Food is a big deal to a mom, much less so to dad, in my humble experience. On the weekends, while everyone is eating breakfast, I am already thinking about lunch and dinner. Sundays are meant for meal planning for the week. I know everything we have in the freezer and pantry. I have back up meals. I pay attention to food allergies. I make sure everyone has something they like. Perhaps this is a pathologic degree of micromanagement. But it is what it is. With women in charge, food would be a non-issue. Men and women treat food differently. The instinct to gather food and nourish your offspring is something hard-wired in women.

Communication is key

Research suggests that women are better doctors than men. A study came out a few years ago showing better outcomes with patients treated by female physicians compared to men. Being a female physician myself, my first reaction to this was, well, I told you so! Finally, our efforts are being recognized! The hallmark of this, I think, is communication. There are fundamental differences in the way men and women think and this reflects in the way we communicate. It is not just that we talk more than men. It’s about how we express ourselves and more importantly, how we listen.

Peace not war

No, we are not all zen-filled yogis, but I think it is safe to say women often have a ‘less brusque’ approach than men. Empathy is more of a priority than ego. Would we have fewer wars if we lived in a matriarchal society? I don’t know. But priorities would certainly be different. Women have different life experiences than men. Our struggles and successes have a different meaning. These experiences affect how we view problems and approach solutions.

Invest in the future of girls

All over the world women and girls lack opportunities in education, have substandard healthcare and are victims of violence. Now more than ever is the time to empower girls and invest in their future. Because ultimately, who runs the world? GIRLS.


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