Changing Jobs: How an Article Changed my Perspective

how to decide to change jobs as a working mom
As I was sitting in bed one night, scrolling through Twitter, I came across an article that caught my eye – “Switching Jobs Often Can Lead to Higher Income.” I started to read it and realized something. Gone are the days of companies valuing their employees and providing equal pay for equal work.

We are no longer in the generation of staying at one job for 30-40 years; we are no longer putting up with low pay and more work. This millennial thought that was normal because that’s what our parents did. They were at companies for years and years, dedicated, but how much did they actually lose in income being loyal to that employer?

My last raise was about 3.4%, inflation is around 5.4%. Of course, it changes year to year, but by staying in a current role and just being offered the bare minimum salary increase every year, and with more work being added to your plate, that just isn’t going to fly.

By switching jobs every 2-3 years, your income goes up around 10-20%. These numbers are based on the article, and if I look back at my job history, those numbers are pretty accurate.

I started looking for a new job when I got passed over for a promotion. Not because I didn’t deserve it; it was because I was really good at my job and it would be difficult to find someone that worked the way I did. I am not saying this to be snotty, I am saying it because I know I am good at my job.

I was offered a position at a new company, I went to my current employer, asked them to match the salary, and they refused. If good employees are hard to come by, why would you let one leave? I was inundated with people from different areas at my company telling me not to go, and no one does it right except me, and this place will fall apart without you.

Lesson learned from this experience and that article. You have to look out for yourself because no one else will. You do yourself a disservice by being loyal to your employer who isn’t loyal to you.

Jeanne DeLasalle
Jeanne is a single mom to a wonderful son who loves nothing more than her family, friends, and her Saints. Born and raised in New Orleans, she enjoys everything this city has to offer. In her spare time you can catch her napping or binge watching movies on her couch. On Sunday's in the fall, she is in the Superdome and goes into a state of depression when football season is over.


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