Why KreweCar Is the Answer to All of Your Transportation Needs

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Why KreweCar Is the Answer to All of Your Transportation Needs

Picture this: It’s Friday night. It’s been the longest week of work, homeschooling and cooking. You’ve been washing masks and researching restaurants with open patios and getting ready to leave the house for the first time in days. You load the family in the car because you are not about to cook another meal. On the way, you lose a game of rock, paper, scissors to your spouse and have to drive the family home…BUMMER! Guess you won’t be having that martini after all.

If this is a familiar scenario then KreweCar is your dream come true. Whether going out to dinner, to the airport, a Saints or Pelicans game, Jazz Fest, or Mardi Gras parades KreweCar has you covered. No more worrying about who is driving or having to park. If you are visiting New Orleans, there is no longer a need to rent a car, lug heavy seats from the airport or pay to park your rental car. KreweCar can get you and your family around the city.

KreweCar is the newest way to rideshare. It’s a locally-born, membership-only concept. Annual memberships are $55. Drivers are thoroughly vetted, so you can feel good about transporting your family. The appropriate car seats/booster seats are provided based on your kids’ age and weight. No kids? No problem. You are welcome with or without tots.  Whatever your transportation needs are, KreweCar can help.  And there is no surge pricing.

KreweCar was officially launched in January 2020 by parents who were tired of the logistical challenges of traveling – in town or out of town- with car seats. New Orleans has so much to offer families. Yet, it was always a hassle having to plan how to get there and get home safely. They knew there had to be a better way. KreweCar was their answer.

Don’t let your Friday night plans be determined by another game of rock, paper, scissors. Take your family with you and have your cocktail too. 

Sign up now. Memberships are limited. 

Beth Nettles grew up in a rural town in north Louisiana where the Mississippi River flows and there’s farmland as far as the eye can see. It was an idyllic childhood.  One where her parents blessed her with the greatest gifts – 3 brothers and easy access to her grandparents. She spent summers on the lake, riding horses, playing with cousins, watching her brothers play baseball, exploring. After graduating from high school, she went to Millsaps College in Jackson, MS. There she made lifelong friends and studied Business Administration. She graduated then attended school in Nashville, TN to become a Physician Assistant. In Nashville, she came to appreciate and love nature and hiking. She fell in love with Nashville and the 4 seasons. And best of all, she met her husband there. After having their first son, they decided it was time to move back closer to family. She wanted him to benefit from the proximity to family as she did. Her husband got a job in New Orleans.  They moved in 2014 and had their second son here. She has continued working in the medical field as a Physician Assistant as well as starting an annual race in north Louisiana that benefits a rural community and starting a leather handbag company. They love New Orleans and all it has to offer. However, they have found it challenging to conveniently get around and take advantage of activities with their kids in tow. Other ridesharing companies do not come with car seat options. Like so many others with small kids, they have found traveling logistically challenging. They want to be able to take their kids to Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras, Pelicans and Saints game, the airport and even out to dinner without having to worry about parking or driving home after drinks. So, they decided to do something about it. KreweCar officially launched in February 2020.


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