What’s in My Bag :: A Baseball Mom’s Must-Haves

baseball momI can smell the foggy grass. I can hear the alarm clock going off on a Saturday morning earlier than we wake up during the week. I can see the grass stains on the fresh white pants. Ah, just a few more weeks and we’ll be back…

Take me back to the ballgame already!

I don’t remember missing baseball this much during any other off-season. I’m like SO READY to be back! Subconsciously I think it’s because baseball is the one thing (besides school) that creates a weekly routine for us. And we could desperately use routine back in our lives. But consciously, I’m just so ready to smell like sunscreen, eat sour cream sunflower seeds, drink my Starbucks, sit in my umbrella chair with some of my favorite moms (and dads) on the planet, and watch my favorite kiddo do this thing he loves so much.

So as I sit here thinking about practice starting back up next week and reminding myself (again) that I need to update ballpark DJ, I’m also thinking about MY baseball bag I need to restock.

Here are 10 Things I WILL DEFINITELY HAVE IN MY BAG (no particular order):

    1. Face Sunscreen. For me, I love to reapply with BrushOnBlock (thank you, sister). And for my player, my go-to is the Neutrogena Wet Skin kids sunscreen stick.
    2. Body Sunscreen. I love Target brand kids SPF 50 sunscreen spray. I have sensitive and fair skin, and this sunscreen works fabulously for me on the field, on the beach, and on the boat. My player was blessed with the family olive skin.
    3. Bug Spray. I just recommend one that works.
    4. A Fan. The kind you hold in your hand and fan yourself, I have 2 of these. I also have the electric kind you wear around your neck. Game changers!
    5. An Umbrella. Not the kind attached to your chair, the kind you use for rain.
    6. Coozies. I have a variety.
    7. First-Aid. I have a small zipper bag with multiple-size band-aids, Neosporin, anti-itch cream, ibuprofen, wound glue, and butterfly stitches.
    8. Lady Aid. I have a second small zipper bag with tampons, pads, shields, hair ties, bobby pins, hair clips, chapstick, nail file, and nail clippers.
    9. Coin Purse. If you’re new to this, it’s impossible to have too much cash. Impossible.
    10. Snacks. Remember yourself when shopping for travel snacks.
    11. Honorable Mention: don’t forget your little bottles of patience and grace. Cheers!
When you say “because baseball” enough times #giftbags

So to my fellow baseball mamas, enjoy these last few tournament-free weekends. Relax in your jammies with a hot cup of coffee on a Saturday morning if you can. And don’t forget to get YOUR BAG ready too.

See ya on the field!


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