Winn-Dixie Cooks :: How Winn-Dixie Can Help During COVID-19

    Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Winn-Dixie. In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, we thought local moms and families could use a reminder of what our local Winn-Dixie stores are doing and offering to help us through! 

    Winn-Dixie Cooks :: How Winn-Dixie Can Help During COVID-19.

    Spoiler alert, most kids want to eat everyday (haha) even in times of COVID-19. Winn-Dixie can help! Did you know that the Winn-Dixie Deli offers ready-made hot meals and cold sides already prepared and ready to be enjoyed at home with your family? If you don’t see what you need, you can just ask the staff behind the Deli counter and they’ll gladly prepare it for you.

    It is also important to note that the Winn-Dixie staff follow strict procedures during food preparation around food safety and sanitation, especially during this time. To better protect you, the self-serve food option has been converted to full-service (they serve you) to help maintain the highest standard of food safety for our customers.

    Here are some tips for easier meal planning for you and your family using services and ideas that Winn-Dixie has available ::

      • Add some of the Winn-Dixie to-go sides to your cart to go with an entrée you are already making. It’s less overwhelming to work on dinner when you know the sides are already handled! Focus on roasting a chicken with a new technique and perfecting it … while you have the sides ready to go in the fridge.
      • Use prepared deli sides as main entrees by simply adding grilled chicken / shrimp or other proteins that your family may love.
      • Use sliced meats and cheeses procured from the deli to amplify a grilled cheese sandwich and make it outstanding.
      • In need of a more formal evening? Skip a formal dinner but still dress up! Create a cheeseboard using all the goodies available in the Winn-Dixie deli, serve wine and maybe even spring for some chocolate fondue!
      • Make it fun for the kids and use deli meats and cheeses to create DIY lunchables.
      • Fill your family up with ready to go proteins like Winn-Dixie’s Lip Lickin’ Chicken or the deli ribs. A rotisserie chicken can be used in SO many ways!
      • Purchase a frozen large pack meal from the deli.
      • Buy any of the usual items you would find on the self-serve hotline. Just note, the only change is that these items are now behind the counter.

    It’s easier when Winn-Dixie cooks!


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