What Coronavirus Has Taught Me (So Far)

With everything going on in today’s world, Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has moved to the forefront of everything from televised news, social media, people’s health both physically and mentally and just basically has succumbed everything as fast as it has apparently spread. And personally, I have gone from being nonchalant about the virus and secretly eye-rolling at those who are taking this seriously because of my own opinions on the virus to five minutes later being completely freaked out about the whole situation and myself taking it very seriously.

I have gone through these polar feelings just about every time I’ve heard the words ‘quarantine,’ any word that starts with a “C,” ‘social distancing,’ and ‘flattening the curve’ … all of which these days seem to be every time I turn on the TV or log into Facebook. At first, I felt like I was in a “sleep-deprived mom” state and having one of those crazy bizarre dreams that you get when you haven’t had a good sleep in a while and you finally get that good sleep. But, this is not a dream, it’s real life and even more real for so many others. With that said, I believe we seem to learn the most about ourselves and others in dire times such as these, and so far during my self-quarantine, I’ve learned so much about our world and myself.

Healthcare Workers and Other Essential Workers

I’ve always held a strong sense of respect for all people in Healthcare, but since the start of the pandemic I see more clearly how selfless and strong they are; it is truly blowing my mind. Also, I’ve always known people in Healthcare were essential in the days of a pandemic like COVID-19, but there are many jobs I have looked over as essential such as grocery store associates, the foodservice industry, lunchroom technicians, and pharmacy employees until COVID-19. They have stayed open to provide society with different essentials from medication, to lunches for children, to stocking the shelves with items such as the now very hard to get toilet paper. All of which in turn puts themselves at risk. I’m so proud of everyone on the front lines and I won’t ever take them for granted.


I got a little stressed when I heard school was closed. This was not because I don’t want to be with my children, but because I didn’t know where to start with the whole process of full time homeschooling two different levels and needs while juggling 50 something other things. And seeing all the moms excelling at homeschooling their preschool kids while doing those 50 somethings other things all on social media honestly stressed me out even more. Then my daughter’s teacher sent home a packet of work that I’m very thankful for, and I saw all of the screenshots of the teachers doing video chats with their students and making due with the times in other ways. It goes to show that a teacher will always find a way, and if we didn’t already know we know for sure it takes a special heart to be a teacher. From this Teacher-Mommy to all of the current Teachers, Thank You!

Technology and Social Media Aren’t So Bad After All

Technology has proven itself worthy during this pandemic and has kept us together during this time where we should be apart. I’ve seen joint concerts on Instagram Live, I’ve watched church service live on Facebook, and I’ve even Zoomed with loved family members I haven’t spoken to in a while. Social distancing can be isolating but I’ve found that technology has taken off the edge a little, and I feel as though it just goes to show how the world isn’t so big and scary after all. Plus, people all over the world are finding creative ways to lighten up these times and it’s truly beautiful to see.

Quarantine Life Isn’t So Bad

Since, like so many other people, I’m out of work right now, I’ve slowed down a lot. I’ve sat down and enjoyed my girls more. I’ve taken more walks these 2 weeks than I’ve done in years, and I’ve spent more time outside (in the backyard of course) marveling at my surroundings, in fact, I actually sat and watched a butterfly flutter around the yard. This pandemic has literally forced me to sit down and I’m listening loud and clear.

In these uncertain times, it can be hard to be positive, but I’m a strong believer that the one thing we can control is our happiness. It may sound naive, but the mind is powerful and your mind is under your control. Coronavirus has strangely taught me so much about happiness and what truly makes me happy. And I’m going to continue to keep everyone directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19 in my thoughts and prayers. We’re all in this together so just remember to stay home and wash your hands.

Monique Navarre
Monique is a life long resident of Slidell, LA and mom of two little girls Elie (4) and Eden (1). An aspiring educator, millennial, 20 something, unexpectedly single, mom of two who’s raising girls all while still trying to find herself. She is admen about changing the stigma of being a single mother all while helping other single mothers like herself, and mothers in general, because at the end of the day she feels we are all mothers no matter what our household entails. She loves coffee, McDonald’s Sweet Tea (light ice please), and will try almost any food out there, and most importantly spending time with her daughters.


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