Walmart Free Grocery Pickup :: What Every NOLA Mom Should Know

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Walmart. That said, we are really excited about sharing more details about Walmart Free Grocery Pickup. We can’t imagine a more “mom-friendly” service! 

Walmart Free Grocery Pickup :: What Every NOLA Mom Should Know

The holiday season is officially in full swing! Life can certainly get crazy these days, so I try to find ways to get ahead. I try to shop in advance, shop online and make lists – lots and lots walmartof lists. With four kids ages one to nine, grocery shopping is nothing short of a hassle. I try to get away when I can, but it’s not often I can make it to the store without at least two kids, and that my friend, is no fun.

A few months back, a friend of mine told me about Walmart Grocery Pickup and I was seriously intrigued. Could this be the end of checkout aisle candy distractions and digging for quarters for those machines at the exit? Will I never have to purchase smashed bread or a half-eaten box of Special K bars (just to make it through the store) again? I’ll be honest and tell you I had huge expectations and even more questions. I went into this with high hopes and was not disappointed.

How to Get Started

There are a few ways to partake in this magic that is FREE Grocery Pickup. First, go to and either sign in or create an account (seriously takes 3 minutes). Once you’re logged in, clink the link for Grocery Pickup on the top right (above your sign-in).

It’s easy to shop by department or using the search function for the items you purchase every day or to browse for new wmgrocerypickup1things to try! I have found that I’m more willing to test a new product if it’s side-by-side with my usual on the screen. I have even found new favorites this way. Speaking of favorites, clicking on the little heart icon on the top left of each item will add this to your favorites list. Keeping items I buy every week in my favorites list makes adding items to my cart a breeze when I log in. The first time I ordered, it took approximately 20 minutes to set up an account and get everything I needed in the cart. Each consecutive time has taken less than 10 minutes, with help from the favorites feature. You can even purchase holiday items such as placemats, table cloths, gravy boats, roasting pans, christmas lights, gingerbread houses and other decor! As if this weren’t awesome enough, when you place your order first order of $50 or more, you’ll get $10 off with the code REALEASY and every time you refer a friend who orders, you’ll get another $10!

The Pickup

When you have everything in your cart, choose convenient time and place for pickup. I can typically pick up next day with no charges or service fees! Item prices are the same as found in the store – no surcharges. Weekdays usually have more availability and less of a wait upon arrival, but each time I’ve tried has been truly convenient. My store has pickup availability from 8am-8pm. They called to make sure I was on my way and the first time I picked up, I was even given a little gift upon arrival. I pull up to theFree Grocery Pickup in New Orleans designated area and for my location, there’s typically a short line of cars similar to fast-food drive-through. When I reach the front, I give my name and they open the hatch to my minivan and load the groceries in for me. We never even have to exit our vehicle, which makes momma and all of the children happy shoppers! I became a #groceryhero in no time!

The Goods

I was hesitant about how my produce would look, how fresh the dairy would be and if the frozen products would be,well… frozen! I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was packaged extremely well, each item was very fresh and I was very pleased with every selection that was made for me. Occasionally, an item hasn’t been available and they will make a substitution. In this case, they flag the bag and ask if the substitution (typically a different size box of Cheerios, etc…) is acceptable when I pull up.

Easy Gets Easier

Just when I thought it couldn’t get easier to shop for groceries online with Free Grocery Pickup from Walmart, I discovered there was an app. If you are looking for the app yourself and are an IOS user search for the “Walmart Grocery” app and if you are an Android user download the “Walmart Grocery Check-in” app. Now, when I receive the Holiday Potluck request from the kids’ school or the Christmas Cookie Exchange notification from work, I go right into the app and add the ingredients to my cart so I don’t forget. The next time I log in to purchase my usual groceries, the items are already in there, ready-to-go.

We could all use a little simplification this Holiday season and Walmart Free Grocery Pickup is a great way to get started. Why not try it for yourself today & become a #groceryhero?! 

Stores Offering Online Grocery Orders in the New Orleans area:

Walmart Supercenter :: 880 N. Highway 190, Covington, LA 70433

Walmart Supercenter :: 300 W. Esplanade Ave, Kenner, LA 70065

Walmart Supercenter :: 167 Northshore Blvd, Slidell, LA 70460

Walmart Supercenter :: 2500 Archbishop Philip M Hannan Blvd, Meraux, LA 70075

Walmart Supercenter :: 39142 Natchez Dr. Slidell, LA 70461

Walmart Supercenter :: 6000 Bullard Ave, New Orleans, LA 70128



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