Ultimate Guide to Mardi Gras with Kids

How to Parent at and During Mardi Gras in New Orleans :: Resources

Being a group of 20+ New Orleans Moms, we have plenty of experience on all things Mardi Gras, including parenting hacks, toddler crafts, king cake recipes and of course a love of Carnival season!! If you are like us, you will surely benefit from some of the posts we’ve complied through the years including Emily’s article expressing her love for The Most Magical Place on Earth {spoiler: it’s not Disney World!!}. Below, we’ve compiled several Mardi Gras posts into one comprehensive guide!

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Ultimate Guide to Mardi Gras With Kids

Safety first!

Our amazing partners at Touro Infirmary complied a great post on Mardi Gras safety tips for families.

Feeling crafty?

We have plenty of craft ideas for you and your kids not only to get into the spirit of the season, but also … what are you going to do with all those Mardi Gras cups?? Check out these Mardi Gras Tutu, Countdown Calendar, Mask and Wall Decor craft ideas, plus some more Mardi Gras Crafts With Your Little Ones. Don’t forget the rite of passage for all NOLA kids, using this tutorial for how to make a shoebox float! You can even set up your own Mardi Gras playdate! And of course, print out this Night Before Mardi Gras poem and read it to your child at bedtime on Lundi Gras!

New Mom in New Orleans?

If you’re contemplating taking your young child out to parades but aren’t sure, definitely check out Jen’s post on the magic of seeing Mardi Gras through your child’s eyes. We think you’ll decide it will be 100% worth it! Get started from the comfort of your home with these Mardi Gras books to add to your library. And if you’re on the fence about participating with your young children, take a look at one mom’s plea for you to give Mardi Gras a chance.

Everyone will want to check out Angelina’s suggestions for festive and fashionable Mardi Gras attire.

We’ve also collected some great advice and perspective from moms who havMardi Gras 2017e been there, done that and will be doing it again year after year. Lindsay reflects on how different she parents during Mardi Gras, along with why they skip naptime for parade time. Julie shares her experience with co-parenting at Mardi Gras. Ashley gives us five important life lessons kids can learn from Mardi Gras, Amanda explains how Mardi Gras is a marathon for moms, and you’ll certainly want to read Tara’s Making the Most of Mardi Gras with Kids and her Mardi Gras Survival Guide for Moms.

Take a walk down memory lane with Sarah’s Mardi Gras, Now and Then post. If  you grew up in NOLA, you will surely appreciate the nostalgia.


It’s all about the King Cake, baby.

Need to know where to get the best King Cakes in NOLA? Or maybe you want to make your own with this tried and true king cake recipe. Heck, you can even make one with the kids using Linzy’s kid-friendly king cake recipe!

New to NOLA?

We have these great tips for Mardi Gras beginners, a great perspective of a Mardi Gras virgin’s first time experiencing carnival with her family, and Ashley shares how Mardi Gras helped her fall in love with New Orleans.

Need a Mardi Gras laugh?

Check out the hilarious post by Pam titled 17 Problems Only New Orleans Kids Have During Mardi Gras along with Jaime’s 10 signs you’re a New Orleans mom during Mardi Gras {you hope your kid doesn’t come home with a baby!}

Parade MUSEings 

Our friend and former contributor, Jen, rides in Muses year after year, and she gave us a glimpse into a day of a Muses Rider, along with great tips on how to catch a Muses shoe!

Do you want to get in on the action?

Consider joining a dance troupe or riding in a Krewe, or maybe you want to allow your child to be part of Mardi Gras royalty.

 What else would you like to know about Mardi Gras with kids? 


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