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The 10 most popular blog posts published in 2021 on New Orleans Mom, determined by page views. They are stories of faith, humor, loss, marriage, motherhood and so much more.

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to say how much we truly value, appreciate and respect each and every one of you.

We also wanted to share the 10 most popular blog posts of 2021, determined by page views. They are stories of faith, humor, loss, marriage, motherhood and so much more. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did.

Top 10 Blog Posts on New Orleans Mom in 2021

1. Our School Community Is MADD :: We Love You, Abby

“The fact that I didn’t personally know the child, as my girls are in different grades than Abby, is a minor detail. All I knew in that moment was that there was a member of our school family hurting. They are now facing a horrible reality, and my heart is breaking for them. My heart is breaking for the children at school who will never see their friend again. My heart is breaking for the lives dramatically changed in one tiny second that to others slipped by in time. To this local New Orleans family, nothing will ever be the same.” Read more … 

2. Dear St. Matthew’s, You Owe Us An Explanation

“Like every other parent whose children attended our beloved school, I work full time. I am an executive in a small business. I employ people, I manage their performance to our expectations, I sometimes make difficult decisions about the trajectory of our business and therefore our employee’s lives. I’ve terminated employees and I’ve laid off employees. Read more…

3. 10 Unique King Cakes to Try This Season

“To help us navigate the delectable, diverse king cake universe, I recently asked dozens of local friends, family, and foodies to tell me about their favorite cakes on social media, requesting that they focus on cakes that are as uniquely unpredictable as 2020 and 2021 have been. In other words, I wanted to hear about the rule-breakers — the rebel cakes that make folks say “but that’s not a king cake!” Read more…

4. Hidden Gems :: The Best Places to Eat in Harahan and River Ridge

“Living and working in the Harahan/River Ridge area for the past 14 years, I rarely leave my neck of the woods when I’m wanting a great place to eat. The Harahan and River Ridge area is a well-kept secret when it comes to New Orleans suburbs, but few realize this area features some of the finest and most fun places to dine. Here are several reasons to pay a visit to Harahan and River Ridge next time you’re looking for a cool place to try.” Read more…

5. Devious Licks: The Disturbing Social Media Trend Teens Are Doing That You Need to Know About

“Just last week, in the middle of dinner, my oldest daughter, who is in 8th grade, asked me if I knew what a “devious lick” was. I immediately looked at my husband with wide eyes, as if to subliminally ask him “what fresh hot junior high garbage are we about to learn about now??!” Read more…

6. It Happened to Me: Vaccinated and Covid Positive

“Back on the road, my husband purchased over-the-counter Covid tests at the nearest CVS we could find. He swabbed my nose in a Pensacola parking lot, even though I already knew the result: positive.” Read more…

7. Eight Reasons My Teen Can’t Have Social Media

“My daughter is in her teen years, and as the days and months go by, so does the pressure for her to have Social Media. Most of her friends have at least one form of social media adding to the pressure. My answer has been a firm no, and although I realize SM will become a part of her life at some point, I am not ready (nor do I feel she is ready) to enter that world.” Read more…

8. Hurricane Ida :: Decision Paralysis is REAL

“We have a projected major hurricane on its way to us and I cannot make a decision. In “normal” times I am a decisive person. But I literally have decision paralysis right now. Am I the only one? I feel like 2020 and now 2021 have stolen my decision making ability. Or at the very least, exhausted it. I am so tired of conducting a risk/benefit analysis on every.single.choice.” Read more…

9. My Tummy Tuck at 43

“For 43, I’m really pleased with my strength and my overall energy, health, and wellness. With all of that, no amount of exercise is going to remove that extra skin that pouches over my c-section scar, the belly that sits on my lap, or fully repair the separation of my abdominal wall muscles giving me a hump down my mid-section. I can’t exercise it away and how much does that matter? Over and over in my head, I would spin the concept around. Do I care? Yes.” Read more…

10. The Secret Stain Remover Every Mom Should Own

“Have you ever watched your child sliding into a muddy 3rd base and thought, “well those pants will be real fun to clean.” Has your child joyfully jumped in mud puddles after a rainstorm leaving dirty water on their clothes? Do you sometimes wonder what in the world your kids did at school that day? I know I am not alone in the endless battle against mud, grass and marinara sauce.” Read more…

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From all of us at New Orleans Mom, THANK YOU for reading and we wish you a Happy New Year! 


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